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UPDATE:Madonna/Satanism/Pfizer/Grammys 2023

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Sneaky Oliver

I wasn't aware Madonna was there, I didn't see a single picture of hers at the Grammys until now. The Unholy performance was awful tbh, this evil-ish cabaret hookers in hell theme is sooo old and tired, cmon guys come up with something new, modern and unexpected

I’m on my Legacy Act era
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There is only one thing that separates a stan from Satan: the letter 'a'.

The fact that so many people in America still believe that there are good and evil supernatural forces in the world and that something called “god” and “satan” compete with each other is mind boggling

Currently Madonna, Grammys, Satanism and Pfizer are trending on twitter.  Mainly they are saying the Grammys this year were a big tribute to Satan especially Sam Smith and Kim's performance and M

Meta Mart

I do not know where they stream the Grammys so I dont watch it and I miss the fabulous performances

By Century's End We Will Have Another Lady Gaga Album
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