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Ava Max - Diamonds & Dancefloors [album]


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While I think it can be dismissed as simple pop with easy lyrics, I kind of see the whole picture now. The producers and Ava have crafted a very clean dance album. The songs and her vocals sound very good here, better than her first. I think she should start being explicit at this point and I wish she was a little bit weirder (louder?) with her image. However Ariana wasn’t that at all and Scooter successfully marketed her, so I think he could work here (even though I dislike him) 

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1 minute ago, HookerOnAChurch said:

The Fabrique in Milan is waiting for you Ava :lolly:

An italian date is apparently confirmed already… May 15 but idk where

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7 hours ago, Aussie said:


“Ava Max – ‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’ review: unashamedly derivative sad-pop bangers”

“A streamlined, shiny approach to dancefloor heartbreak largely serves the Albanian well in her pursuit of mainstream notoriety.”

“Max has said the concept is “basically heartbreak on the dancefloor”, which has been done to death 13 years after Robynmade it fashionable with ‘Dancing On My Own’. Artists as varied as Steps and Mabelgot there first.”

“‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’ is also unashamedly derivative. ‘Ghost’ echoes the housey synth-pop of Years & Years, while ‘Hold Up, Wait A Minute’ steps into Dua Lipa‘s nu-disco territory. ‘Million Dollar Baby’ has sleek ’80s production indebted to The Weeknd, a Lady Gaga-style vocal hook, and a melody borrowed from LeAnn Rimes’ Y2K classic ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’. It should be a mess, but actually, it’s lethally effective.”



No lies here

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Masterpiece? Pop PERFECTION? I think you guys are being too generous.

Like I'd give this album a solid 7/10, but a perfect album is another thing. 

I'm glad I'm the only one thinking this in the thread tho, I wish her all the success in the world. 



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I really have to give it a 2nd and third listen.. right now it’s cute, but it’s kinda bland once the sound is established in the album it doesn’t really go anywhere, I feel..? Might be wrong, I’ll listen to it a few more times today. Right now it’s a solid 6.57/10 :enigma:


might edit: any one of the songs as a stand alone is 7-8/10 for me, but in the context of an album it doesn’t hold up for me, if that makes sense. 

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