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1. My favorite album from her is Chromatica
2. My favorite song from her is Rain On Me (Free Woman very close)
3. I think Joanne is the most underrated album from her
4. Starstruck, Bad Kids, Hey Girl, 1000 Doves, Plastic Doll I think are the most underrated songs from her
5. My favorite tour is Born This Way Ball Tour, my least is The Chromatica Ball
6. I never liked Bad Romance (the song)
7. I think Just Another Day is her worst song
8. In my opinion ARTPOP is overrated, is still a nice album but really overrated
9. My favorite looks from her is from Joanne Era
10. I wish she will make a Joanne 2.0

you were a perfect illusion
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That’s just criminal behavior…

1. I didn’t become a fan until I saw A Star is Born. 2. I saw ASIB and HOG five times in the theater. I’ll likely see Joker 2 the same amount….even though I probably won’t like it as much. 3

Mine: 1. My favorite album from her is Chromatica 2. My favorite song from her is Rain On Me (Free Woman very close) 3. I think Joanne is the most underrated album from her 4. Starstruck, B

1. I first saw her on So You Think You Can Dance? and thought her name was stupid
2. My sister showed me the Poker Face video and it changed my life 
3. I would record myself dancing to LoveGame and Paparazzi in 6th grade
4. Born This Way changed my life, had it on repeat for days after it came out
5. I always thought Applause was overrated by the fans, but when I listen to it I understand
6. If I ever got a tattoo when I was younger it would've been the peace sign on my wrist like Gaga has
7. I think her tattoo on her inner left arm is so beautiful, always loved it
8. I have 8 posters hanging in my room of Gaga, nothing after Applause though
9. Her collab with Barney's in NYC is so revolutionary and exciting and I wish I experienced it as an adult with money
10. Aura could've, would've, should've been her Bad Romance 2.0 in terms of success

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iku iku iku
33 minutes ago, Blackout19 said:



1. My favorite album from her is Chromatica
2. My favorite song from her is Free Woman (Scheiße very close)
3. I think Joanne is the most underrated album from her. I didn’t understand it at first but I’m so thankful for it these days. 
4. Plastic Doll, Plastic Illusion, Dancin in Circles, Gypsy, Venus I think are the most underrated songs from her
5. My favorite tour is The Chromatica Ball Tour, my least is The ARTPOP Ball  
6. I’m bored of Bad Romance (the song)
7. I think Just Another Day is one of the best songs she’s ever written. (Top 15 on my list) It sounds like deep love that’s been beaten and bruised by reality, and with that comes maturity and a new perspective. Every time I hear this song I feel I’ve transcended the superficiality of gay culture. It is very close to my heart. 
8. In my opinion ARTPOP is not overrated, it is a very unique experience.
9. My favorite looks from her is fromChromatica Era
10. I wish she will make a Chromatica 2.0

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1. I'm the same height as Gaga!

2. TCB was my first big concert at ever and therefore my first time seeing her live. 

3. Gaga and I both love the work of German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. 

4. Gaga's Version of Elton's "Your song" is one of my most played songs ever.

5.  There a some days I really enjoy "Just another day" and some days I just can't stand it:laughga:

6. I don't like fan favourites like Heavy Metall Lover and Government hooker. Sorry not so sorry :ohwell: 

7. I love Bad Romance and never get enough of it

8. I think the ASIB soundtrack is one of her finest works as it goes beyond her being Gaga. Ballads like ARUTW and Shallow are timeless. 

9. I understand why people love ARTPOP (the song), but I just don't like it sonically.

10. My 10 favourite Gaga songs as of now are Monster, ARUTW, Paper Gangster, Shallow, Sine from above, Bad Romance, Fun Tonight, Replay and Gypsy.

She / hers
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1. My favorite album is Born This Way. Top 5 songs are Scheiße, Heavy Metal Lover, Government Hooker, Electric Chapel and Marry The Night.

2. I was in that Mexico concert where she played Americano for the first time on the piano and performed Judas for the first time too. It poured rain and everyone stayed.

3. I made a 25 x 25 in canvas of the Born This Way cover and put it above my bed with smaller frames of the Alejandro and Dance In The Dark artworks on the sides, Applause later. I made one of Chromatica (25 x 25 inches) as well and love it so much.

4. First song I listened to was Poker Face and Just Dance. I waited for the release of The Fame to buy the CD. Went to the store and they still had it on boxes, didn't know who Gaga was of course. I became a fan after listening to Lovegame and Again Again that night.

5. My least favorite songs are Summerboy, Why Did You Do That, Plastic Doll. Sometimes I skip Bad Kids, Manicure, Jewels N' Drugs but still like them.

6. ARTPOP was the first album that disappointed me. Every release up to that point had been better than the previous one. I learned to love the album though, Do What U Want remains the best song in there. SWINE is so underrated, great work out/cardio song.

7. Back in the day I didn't want Dance In The Dark and Scheiße to were released as singles because I didn't want the radio or locals to ruin that for me. I always thought singles were played non stop and didn't want this to happen to me. Looking back, it'd have been cool to have music videos for these.

8. Joanne is ok. This album was like craving pizza from this italian restaurant you love. Then when you finally go eat there they don't have pizza so you order pasta. The pasta is really good but you left the place and still crave pizza. I love the album now but so glad she did Chromatica after that.

9. I never expected the A Star Is Born soundtrack to be THAT GOOD. I really listened to it for months non stop.

10. I'm on the ARTPOP Act 2 train. I hope we get to hear these songs some day.

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Chrissy Pop

1. I discovered her through MySpace and LimeWire :sis:

2. Paparazzi was the first song I ever heard by her in 2008 :firega:

3. Despite me stanning since 2008, Chromatica Ball at met life stadium was my first ever concert :pawsup:

4. I need her to make a disco album and heavy metal album :iamfair:

5. Me and her are very much alike and share similar life experiences :kara:

6. We’re both italian :icega:

7. We’re both 5’3 :vegas:

8. We have the same style :queenga:

9. We both like older men :lolga:

10. We’re both power bottoms :lolga:

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1. I'm half an inch taller than her! 

2. I tragically have not been to any of her concerts yet or been even remotely close to seeing her in person :toofunny: hoping that'll change by the time LG7 concert tour happens!

3. I became a stan after randomly catching her Fuse interview on tv in like 2009/10? Idk what it was about that interview but I was absolutely fascinated after that. I think my middle school brain was blown at how much effort and meaning was behind everything she did.

4. My favorite era is Born This Way, just because I was heavily into the fandom at that time and it helped me come to terms with my sexuality 

5. Favorite album is either TFM or Chromatica 

6. I'm living for her acting era right now :legend: ASIB soundtrack was perfection

7. I would love a rock or heavy metal album from her 

8. I have too many favorite songs of hers, but ones I always skip are black jesus + amen fashion and jewels n drugs

9. Underrated songs I think don't get enough love: money honey, disco heaven, bad kids

10. Fav remix is Just Dance by Wasback 

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1. I think PI and Stupid Love both made perfect choices for lead

2. All due respect to how she does handle things because it’s her life and mental health at stake, but I do wish she was able to commit more/ ride or die for her musical projects

3. Hair Body Face, Why Did You Do That?, and Heal Me were all BOPS for me

4. Gaga and Bey not performing Telephone together is one of the biggest tragedies in the LGBTQ community to me

5. I never skip Americano, f***ing banger

6. I never skip Swine, f***ing banger

7. I wish Gaga would collaborate more, we’ve heard rumors of people asking her for collab and never getting a response etc. but I guarantee she gets endless offers and just won’t accept any

8. I also wish Haus Labs was more intersected with her music, it made no sense for them to not include Chromatica tracks in the ads, even before the album release

9. I listened to Gaga for over 6,000 minutes last year

10. My most played Gaga song this year was Alice

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typo lol
British social ladies with upturned pinkies, glasses clinking // xoxoTEANUS
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1. My favorite album is BTW

2. Her voice is what first made me love her music, and then her personality made me love her as a person

3. I first payed attention to her because of Greyson Chance on Ellen :selena: and I think I was supposed to start stanning her then, like she was brought to my life for a reason, but I didn't and it took a few years to come back to her

4. I am also left handed like her

5. I also have chronic pain disorder like her

6. I don't care extremely much what genre her next album is as long as she feels passionately about it and is more involved in writing and production

7. She inspires me to be a better person to myself and in the world

8. I appreciate music and art much more in general because of her

9. I'm hoping for an ARTPOP celebration next year :excited2:

10. I think The Fame (album) tends to be underrated by the fanbase, it's a really good album

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1. I didn’t become a fan until I saw A Star is Born.

2. I saw ASIB and HOG five times in the theater. I’ll likely see Joker 2 the same amount….even though I probably won’t like it as much.

3. Somehow my googling of Gaga landed me here and then I became a mod here during a lapse of judgement last year. 
4. ARTPOP is a masterpiece. 
5. Gaga has led me to some of the best friendships I’ve ever had (well because of this site specifically).

6. I was able to see Gaga 3 times in a year when I thought I would never be able to see her. In Vegas for J&P with @MonsterMom and @Franch Toast , then TCB in DC with @PartySick and TCB in LA with @PartySick and @ChicaSkas

7. I’ve spent way too much money on Gaga in four years. I have no regrets. 

8. Gaga inspires me all the time. I was really inspired after watching her documentary and being able to relate to her chronic pain.

9. I have part of the lyrics to ARUTW hanging in my bedroom and ASIB poster hanging in our office.

10. I’m the same age as Gaga. Older by about 6 months technically. 

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1. My first concert was the Monster Ball in 2009.

2. I cry every time I see or hear the 2009 VMAs performance :cryga:.

3. I got to go to Sydney Monster Hall when I was visiting Australia.

4. My parents came with me to the first two Monster Ball shows I went to in 2009 and 2010. (so cute they support my obsessions).

5. My first pit experience was at the third Monster Ball I saw in 2011 and I've only done pit since then (except Cheek to Cheek, which didn't have a pit).

6. I buy so much stupid merch from her and then never wear it because I'm afraid of killing it by washing it (not sure when that started because I used to constantly wear my Gaga shirts :laughga:

7. I camped out for the Sephora launch back in June & Gaga looked at me and said "i love you so much" and i almost died.

8. I was an extra in A Star is Born in the scene where she sings Shallow with Bradley Cooper for the first time.

9. Gaga and I take the same anti-psychotic :derpga:.

10. It's been over a decade and we still haven't properly met which is a CRIME. 


and a lil bonus that I've met two ex-girlfriends on the GGD forums :trollga:

edit: technically three actually, but only two were really substantial. 

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1. I have seen her in concert 11 times. (1st Born This Way Ball (I was only 14 and my grandma took me :heart:), 2nd Cheek to Cheek Tour, 3rd Super Bowl, 4th-6th Joanne World Tour, 7th Enigma (I had a nice full circle moment because I was able to take my grandma to Vegas to see Gaga after she had taken me to the BTWB 7 years earlier :kara:), 8th Jazz & Piano, 9th Radio City Special, 10th-11th Chromatica Ball)
2. I got to work on her Super Bowl Halftime Show as someone who helped put together the stage which is where I met her for the first time (no phones were allowed during the rehearsals though to prevent leaks so I didn’t get a photo).
3. I have one of the purple Swarovski crystals from her Super Bowl outfit that fell off during rehearsals that I found on the stage.
4.  I traveled all the way from Texas to Vancouver to be at the first date of the JWT. I met her a second time after the JWT and finally got a photo with her as proof!
5. I have 4 Gaga tattoos.
6. I went to Joanne Trattoria and Papa Joe was the one who sat us at our table and he was super grumpy tbh :messga:
7. Teeth is my least favorite song. Sue me :glamourpuss:
8. I got to attend Gaga and Tony’s final performance last year at Radio City in NYC.
9. I had tickets and was supposed to go to the Artrave when I was in high school but my parents found out I was gay and grounded me so I wasn’t able to go :(
10. My favorite song, Marry The Night, has always lifted me up when I’ve needed it most. She is my forever queen and one of my main inspirations in life.

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Sounds like fun :lolly:

1. The opening night of the artRAVE was my first real concert experience. And it was great :giveup: getting surprised with Cake Like Lady Gaga AND PARTYNAUSEOUS?! UGH.

2. I've seen Gaga six times and no, it's not nearly enough. Opening night at the artRAVE, The Joanne World Tour in Tampa, the Super Saturday Night show in Miami ("Enigma - the software people edition"), and the Chromatica Ball which I was lucky enough to attend three times :legend: Washington DC with @SamanthaC, Los Angeles with @SamanthaC (who is stalking me, I think, I mean who follows someone across the country like that tbh) and @ChicaSkas, then Miami with my grandma...but I did get to meet @KindnessPunk there while we were waiting in the halls :wub: let's ignore the trauma that Miami left us :wub: I'm never attended another concert in Miami :wub: I am gonna take my grandma to Gaga's next show, idc how far we have to travel, that woman is GOING to see a full show! :grr:

3. Swine, Dope, and Joanne all take turns being my favorite Gaga song but they're always my top 3 (with Electric Chapel and Sine From Above taking spots 4 and 5)

4. I originally came to GGD to look at the media section 'cause that's where @Riley said we could find a download link to his live studio versions. Then I stuck around :legend:

5. My profile name is from PARTYNAUSEOUS.

6. MJ's music and him as a person both helped my through a rough childhood. He died around the time Gaga was really hitting it big but I didn't actually become a Monster until 2013. The speech before Swine and the song itself at the iTunes Festival...I've taken to saying MJ held my hand through childhood and Gaga held my hand through adolescence so that I could stand as an adult :wub:

7. There's two Gaga songs I can't listen to. One is the Sine From Above remix from DOC because it's atrocious. The other is Sinner's Prayer because it was my grandpa's favorite and I haven't listened to it since he passed.

8. I will unironically love anything Gaga puts out. Jazz, pop, rock, dubstep, bluegrass, an album of poorly played digeridoos, her poorly beatboxing while standing 27 feet from a microphone, doesn't matter. Automatic smash hit :firega:

9. If I could make one Gaga related wish, it'd be to have Sire :bradley: a Lady Gaga song written about Michael Jackson? F*ck me right up :bradley:

10. For better or worse, I'm trapped on this site until it's last days, and I have Gaga to thank for a lot of friendships I've made being a member (and a lot of traumas I've gained from being a mod :neyde:)

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