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Jaylen Smith Elected as the Youngest Black Mayor in US


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At age 18, Jaylen Smith became the youngest black mayor in the country by beating Nemi Matthews, Sr. in a runoff election yesterday.

Smith recently graduated from Earle High School where he led the student government as president for 3 years.  He promises to beautify his city by reappropriating abandoned buildings and improving public safety and transportation for the city's population of about 2,000 people. The city is considered to be a food desert so he hopes he can also bring in new stores for easier access to groceries. 

His opponent has served his city for about 4 decades now as a former police lieutenant and now as a city superintendent. “No animosity, anything, far as me and Jaylen are concerned,” Matthews commented. “Everything has been cordial. If I can help him do anything, I’ll do it, and likewise with him.” 

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17 minutes ago, Oriane said:

Yes I read Jaden Smith

You're not the only one :glamourpuss:

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Hold My Ham
6 minutes ago, iku iku iku said:

jurassic park deal with it GIF

find you someone who looks at you like goldblum looks at massive piles of dookie 

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