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Akon defends Kanye West


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Akon said he disagrees with Ye, so at least give him that. 

I'm not going to open my mind up to someone that likes Hitler. What kind of nonsense is that BS. :saladga:

Ye wants to be in politics, so it is very important for people that disagree with Ye to say it, otherwise this horrid person could become elected and writing laws that we all have to live with, and gimp mask Ye likes Hitler!



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I can't believe we live in an age where showing explicit and avid support for NAZIS and HITLER is just seen as a "difference of opinion". Some people nowadays want to argue that people are "too s

Red One [Mute] Gaga

RedOne Convict Akon oh ay 

17 minutes ago, Fresco said:

Akon said he disagrees with Ye, so at least give him that

But he still considers Ye's position as a just a matter of "different opinions".

There are many places in life, politics, society, ethics, and morality that are a grey area. Nazism is not one of them :spin: and by choosing to speak out on it but not fully and strongly disavowing Kanye and anyone like him, Akon is only lending legitimacy to their disgusting and dangerous position.

Also, "disagreeing" with a Nazi is really the least you can do :rip:

Te quiero cada día un poco más. le diré al mundo 💙
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Yeah, free speech and open minds are good things, but within reason. Hitler was a very bad guy. He was responsible for millions of murders. There was no upside. If someone says they like Hitler, the best response is not to say 'that's interesting, tell me more', the best response is to come down on them like a ton of bricks.

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2 hours ago, skaxboy said:



That hairline transplant has really gotten to his brain, huh. 

I thought the first picture was photoshopped until I saw the second one. :rip:

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Sir Bride
1 hour ago, Benjistuntin said:

Okay, I actually don't know what Kanye West had said, nor do I care, but I totally agree with Akon. Everyone deserves the freedom of speech. That's a basic human right. 

his freedom is not being revoked. 

People are simply using their freedom of speech to express their opinion of what he said. 

Fact is, hilter may have done "good" things but literally the bad out weigh anything he may have done that was "good" He literally killed millions! MILLIONS! just because he disagreed with their religion, wtf kinda over reaction is that? imo he sucks. 

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Akon really opened his mind so much that his brain fell out.

While I appreciate the sentiment of “when talking to someone it doesn’t help if you are aggressive and shut them down, you should be open, try to be understanding and respond kindly”, this isn’t Akon having a one on one with Kanye trying to change his mind and de-radicalise him.

Akon is on T.V communicating to a wide audience legitimising, to them, what Kanye has said by presenting it as a mere difference of opinion.


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