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Your Favourite New US Talk Shows

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With Ellen Degeneres Show & Wendy Williams Show have left the airwaves, we are without major legendary daytime talk show anymore.


BUT, it's in light of that, there are few new ones that trying to get that crown. Namely The Drew Barrymore Show, Kelly Clarkson Show, Jennifer Hudson Show, and Tamron Hall Show, among others. 

Did any of y'all watch these new talkshows? Which one is your favorite? And which one do you think will be legendaric as time goes on? Or did y'all still waiting for a good one to come out? :flower:

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Just from the clips I watch on YouTube I really like Drew Barrymore's and Kelly Clarkson's. It's exactly the nice people we need doing these shows.

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This made me realize how much I miss Oprah. That show has taught me so much growing up. 

I can't think of a replacement, I usually listen to podcasts instead of watching talkshows.

Really enjoy Dear Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. She's very real, tough but vulnerable. 

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