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Oct 5: A Star Is Born's 4th anniversary

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I just got emotional reading this tweet because I remembered that scene from "Gaga:Five Foot Two" when she explains she's gonna star in the movie with Bradley that just got a green light from Warner Bros. 

At that time, could she even imagine what that movie is going to bring to her?

Her first Oscar, Oscar nomination for Best Actress and a widespread acclaim and respect of the movie industry. I'm so proud of her :bradley:

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God the trailer still gives me goosebumps. I hope this studio version of Shallow leaks before I die

if i had everything i wanted, would i want more?
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I can’t believe it’s been years already, I remember going to the premiere like yesterday. :giveup:

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loved everything about it. one of the lessons I've learned thanks to the movie:

Do not go watch a movie that your idol & favorite musician is in it, with someone you just started dating with. well, he's a good guy, but the relationship didn't last. and now every time I think about this movie I wonder how he is doing. 

and time flies. four years already? it makes me feel old.

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will be short and clear: AND THE REST IS HISTORY!! So proud of our beautiful Lady. She crashed it and she deserved and deserves the praise. See you in the Joker, you little cutiana, Gagiana

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