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Hurricane Fiona heading straight to Canada


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This is bad, guys

Fiona is heading towards Nova Scotia will still being a major hurricane. And because the waters in the Atlantic are still warm thanks to this really hot summer, it is not losing a lot of power. So far they are planning for it to still be a category 2 when it hits Canada 



Also they apparently fear that it will start to become slow moving when approaching Canada and will become larger which would mean that other states would be touched too

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Praying for the people of Nova Scotia. This is bad. 

Such a lovely place too. My uncle used to live there and we visited him for Christmas one year. I hope it won't be as bad as the forecast says.

Mother Nature really has had it officially with us humans :bradley:

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3 minutes ago, Morphine Prince said:

It will not be a major storm by the time remnants reach that area. It will be a post-tropical system. 

They said it is likely it will remain a hurricane by the time it hits 
It is extremely rare but it wouldn't be the first time

But I guess time will tell

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We'll gladly take it off your hands. Xoxo, Florida

And before I get called a weirdo for that just remember that our infrastructure here is literally built to handle these storms and we haven't had a good storm in so long and I lowkey love extreme weather :bradley:

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