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30 day music challenge

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1 minute ago, A D A M said:

Day 2: It was my introduction to Caroline, I like the mixture of modern sound with influence of Indian sounding (kinda reminds me of Bjork's Venus as a Boy). The song is very chill but at same time upbeat, such amazing composition!


So good:firega:Bunny is a rider is also a bop, I’m ready for CP2 :tony:

Ba ba babble on
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9 hours ago, Chesescake said:

DAY 1 so far:

@ELECTROHEART sorry bout the list, tbh the track sound rly sick.

@huttont what's your song? Looks like video has been taken down :hmm: 

Girl With The Red Balloon - The Civil Wars

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7 hours ago, Anderson123 said:

Not exactly a bop but I listen to this one a lot lol.


I saw this live during the twins of evil tour, first time he ever did it live, and it was SO GOOD.


fun fact I was born the day the album came out :hor: 11/11/2000

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