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Regina George
12 hours ago, Butters Stotch said:

I don't agree. I want Gaga to show maturity and to talk about healing in a way that's more spiritual, not so literal. So yeah, I would lover for her to go with the mother nature theme maybe, more like in a divine way. We know she wants to be a mother too, and I think she's moved far away from the darkest parts of her life and her career, so maybe there's this maternal feeling growing inside of her and I would like for her to explore it.

Just my thoughts, though, we know she always surprises us.

Hmm I disagree honestly for one reason only. She needs to have fun herself. She’s been through so much, she reflected on pain too much, she gave us too much of that. I need her to relax, go to studio and think of something fun, something that sounds good, without reflecting on pain. 

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11 hours ago, Railing said:

Also please, for the love of God, release ARTPOP: Act II! I'm gonna have a mental break if one more song is sold off to a random act like how Sia reworked Partynauseous and that other girl got Nothing On :ph34r: I don't care if the promo is non-existent, find 10-15 complete tracks (and one of them must be Princess Die), get them mastered, put a logo over one of the Inez and Vinoodh pics, drop it on iTunes one day and you're good!

THIS THIS THIS. This could’ve been done in 2014 IMO, drop the tracks that were finished (BN, PN, TEA, etc.) on iTunes or even f*cking SoundCloud or something after the last Paris date of the artRave. When I say I want Act II I’m not necessarily implying I want a full fledged ARTPOP era part II with videos, interviews, performances, etc. etc., I just want the music 

British social ladies with upturned pinkies, glasses clinking // xoxoTEANUS
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Pretty Savage

ARTPOP Act II 2023 and LG7 with RedOne 2024 pleaaaseee 

but realistic scenario it’s going to be a rock album 

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On 9/18/2022 at 4:03 PM, OMonster said:

This is actually really interesting because I came here to say that I think LG7 might have a 'Mother Nature' theme to it, which would certainly align with references to the moon. 

I think this because:

1. There were rumours the original Chromatica Ball concept revolved around nature and the jungle. The headpiece she wears during the piano segment was apparently designed for that. This suggests that Gaga is at least still interested in exploring the concept of nature in her work. There were also rumours from La Maison Gaga that TCB outfits were originally much more outrageous and 'creature-like'. We also had confirmation from a designer that a new 'living dress' was in the works, which would again align with the theme of nature. This makes me think this concept might've been paused for now but will be re-used for LG7.

2. Gaga has long explored nature in her work but hasn't ever fully fleshed out the concept. Maybe she'll finally do that with LG7. Here are some great examples of past references: 




3. And event recently at TCB, the 'Tamara' interlude feels like Gaga is 'Mother Nature':

Could Tamara be LG7's 'persona'? The name literally translates to 'palm tree' and is a "symbolic oriental name due to the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree". Again, another nature link. And the name of this interlude is very random but it must have some kind of meaning for Gaga to pick it. Maybe that meaning will become clearer later.

5. Chromatica tells Gaga's story of healing. When she's finally healed and fought her battles, she closes the album with 'Babylon', which starts with singing birds. Again, this reinforces the idea that Gaga was healed when she returned to 'nature'... her 'nature'. 

5. This might sound like a bit of a reach - and admittedly it is - but Gaga ending the Chromatica era holding roses might be quite symbolic too. It's almost as if she associates her own healing with nature in some way. She just ended the 'best tour of her life' in her healthiest state of mind and physicality with a photo of her holding roses:


6. We all know Gaga teases her albums/songs before they're released. She even did so for Chromatica, despite not feeling completely motivated or enthused by releasing another pop album. The moon references could very much be a hint at 'Mother Nature', as could this moment at TCB:

And she also deleted this tweet last night:


What if 'Mother Nature' is actually the album title of LG7? It would make a lot of sense with 'Mother Monster' too. It would almost show her evolution from trying to own her demons to fully owning them now and becoming at one with what her true 'nature' is: a hybrid of 'Lady Gaga' and Stefani Germanotta. 

Also, this is a good example of the moon visuals being projected onto the screens at TCB:

Last night, Gaga also said that she cares about life again in a way that she hasn't for many, many years. What if LG7 explores this healing and new-found appreciation for life with metaphors about nature... the life that we're all surrounded by. Nature also symbolises peace, calmness and the life cycle. Nature is literally all about life, nurturing it, nourishing it... so it would make a lot of sense if she explored this theme on LG7 in some way. 

I've been thinking about this again. 

Maybe LG7 could be titled 'MOTHER'? This would lend itself to representing how Gaga healed herself and her trauma (similar theme to 'Hold The Girl' I guess), how she wants to heal others (akin to 'Mother Nature' and 'Mother Monster'), the role her own mother has played in her life, how she's now ready to be a mother... and so on. Thematically, nature could be used as a constant motif (in visuals and lyrics) to demonstrate the importance of life and how mothers - women - are the ones who bear it. Gaga is the 'mother' of her healing and the life she now has. I don't know. I think there's something in this... it feels very 'Gaga' to me and very in line with her current headspace around growth, healing and peace. And of course, 'Mother' will speak directly to her LGBT fans too and the album could even touch on her rediscovering that fierce energy within her... which we literally watched happen at the ball. 

Whatever the theme or concept is, I'm sure LG7 is going to be about healing. Chromatica documented the battle; not really what came after it. I think that's what's going to be next. Just thinking about that makes me think of Frankensteined actually, which was said to tell the story of her piecing herself back together. That again kind of fits into the theme of 'Mother' in terms of her creating a new version of herself. I don't think Frankensteined will ever be used but it's a good example of how the theme of 'healing' can still be quite dark, which is something TCB shows us she is still interested in. 


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subtext / fantasy
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10 hours ago, Jack3257 said:

Why does everyone think we won’t get LG7 until after Joker 2?  Yes she begins filming in a few months, but the first Joker only took three months to film, so that would take us to around March of 2023.  Someone please offer me an explanation of what will happen in Gaga’s career for the 18 months between wrapping filming and the release of the film if it isn’t LG7.  Heck, she even launched Enigma right before award season for ASIB.  Plus, with Joker II in October 2024 and award season culminating in the Oscars February 2025, that would mean Gaga would be on the top on mind for the GP and thus summer of 2025 would be the perfect time for a tour.

That'd be really cool but what if life is like...




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Butters Stotch
3 hours ago, Regina George said:

Hmm I disagree honestly for one reason only. She needs to have fun herself. She’s been through so much, she reflected on pain too much, she gave us too much of that. I need her to relax, go to studio and think of something fun, something that sounds good, without reflecting on pain. 

I do agree with your point. That's why I think she has so much fun singing jazz, because she only has to focus on singing and her dark feelings are not too involved. She does deserve to have her fun.

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Interested to know people's thoughts on this one, but what about if Max Martin were to take the main producer role on LG7? 

Historically we know Gaga works with several producers on each album but usually there's one main executive producer and often that person has worked with Gaga in a smaller capacity in the previous project. 

It happened to RedOne on TFM (who only did half of The Fame), Fernando Garibay on BTW (he did Dance in the Dark on TFM), DJWS on ARTPOP (shared BTW with Garibay and RedOne) and Bloodpop on Chromatica (who shared Joanne with Mark Ronson). 

Max Martin only did the one song with Gaga on Chromatica and, although we don't know how that partnership worked behind the scenes, Gaga did say she enjoyed working with him publicly...could the pair team up again to lead LG7? 

Personally I think there's only a slim chance but, if the past is anything to go by, there's a bigger chance of Max Martin working on LG7 than anyone so far...

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24 minutes ago, sillynate said:

I want LG7 to be whatever genre(s) these songs are 

  Reveal hidden contents



Ugh I would love to hear Gaga meets Le Tigre. The little teen in me would die


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Andrew Shaw

I want a long album like how The Fame (Japanese Version) has 17 tracks. I also want longer track times, I LOVE Chromatica, but some of the songs are just too short (I still want an extended version of Alice with a second verse!) I know we’ve been asking for years, but I NEED RedOne back for LG7 as a producer! I was SO EXCITED when she put up pics working with him on the original LG6, which of course amounted to nothing other than a songwriting credit on Angel Down and a producer credit on the Work Tape version. I’ll guess that LG7 is coming late 2023/early 2024. And for my fellow Rihanna fans on here, I’m guessing that R9 will come around late 2167/early 2168 which by Rih’s timeline is “new music coming REALLY SOON!” :rip::toofunny:

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If I was Gaga, I would absolutely lurk here and steal from all of your great ideas:stalkga:

She / hers
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On 9/18/2022 at 4:07 PM, HeavyMetal Halcyon said:

I’m surprised no one has brought up the fact that she followed Wet Leg on IG. I saw them on tour 2 days after the LA Chromatica Ball. They’re great, but I can’t see Gaga going that 90s rock style for a main album. I think they might be related to the Joker music project. Their lyrics kinda give me manic vibes. 

I do hope we get a follow up in some way to Chromatica. The visuals were just next level, and with most eras, we know a lot more about scrapped songs/demos. For Chromatica we only got Demos of songs ON the album. Do we know about any songs that didn’t make the cut? We have no Brooklyn Nights, Reloaded, Tea, Etc from Chromatica. Especially when dance music is so hot right now post pandemic, it makes me feel like she’s been holding onto material for a follow up. 

I don’t know if it’s true but there’s apparently songs called Lambo, All The Lovers, Thunderstorm, and Nymphomaniac. All apparently produced by SOPHIE.

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If she wishes to do a collab album like with Tony...i dream that it will be from any of these artists:

 - Bruno Mars

 - Metallica

 - MCR

 - Janet Jackson

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