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And the best song of Chromatica

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Enigma is an absolute beast of a song:pray: The percussions and the bass are just brilliant

🇵🇭༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽🇵🇭
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I respectfully…


think Enigma is so underrated. 


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Don't know if it's the best but it's underrated for sure! If the first choruses were better it could be the best yeah

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Well right after Babylon 

Little Monster | Diamond | Cry Baby | Lana Del Rey
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Fun Tonight says hi bitches

"There could be 99 toilets in a house, and it's my house" - River, 2021
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HeavyMetal Halcyon

Enigma has been my favorite from the start. The absolute powerhouse vocals, deep 90's house beats, and life-giving jazz vibes make this song otherworldly. Lyrically it also fully encompasses the theme of 'Chromatica' in the sense that it is otherworldy. It really transports you somewhere else. 

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