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Zach Campbell - Away From You

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Zach Campbell just released his debut single Away From You. Zach Campbell first reached notoriety on his "MrMotorMouth" YouTube channel for his reaction the Lady Gaga's Applause, and his Skype call with her on Graham Norton. He later moved to what was once his secondary channel, Zachary Campbell, and grew a larger audience from there due to one of his reaction videos appearing on the Formation World Tour. He first heavily delved into making his own music by creating his own visuals for "Don't Start Now" and "Stupid Love" in 2020.

Here is the song:

And here is the video:


He is not coming to play. :legend:

(Sorry for the genre mix up. :poot:)

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Slayyyy :firega: This makes me smile. Mpg status when? 

Million Dollar Baby
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this ate, i used to watch his reactions and i knew he could SING when he started singing along to the tracks.

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it's actually a REALLY good bop. I will say tho that his voice is very faceless. there's nothing unique to it. I think he needs to develop a more interesting tone. you can actually do it. it will prob take him time to do it though. but overall this is AMAZING

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I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this is. But his vocals could be stronger.

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Love the groove of this! Overall it's really good! Gonna add this to a playlist. Getting major modern day Sylvester vibes in all the best ways.

So fun to see Gaga fans explode into stars like she always predicted during the Monster Ball.

According to Gaga I'm a ****ing rad bitch
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