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Gucci criticized by Animal Protection Group


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The World Animal Protection U.S. has notified Gucci U.S. of its concern over the luxury brand’s use of tigers in its Gucci Tiger collection campaign, and has asked it to stop using wild animals in its ads.

The Gucci Tiger campaign features real tigers. World Animal Protection has criticized Gucci photoshoot saying that tigers should be shown in their natural habitat in the wild and not as luxury items.

Liz Cabrera Holtz, wildlife campaign manager for World Animal Protection U.S., said:
“Gucci is sending the wrong message by promoting tigers as pets and luxury items when they are wild animals who belong in their natural habitats. World Animal Protection urges Gucci to stop using wild animals in their campaigns and issue a statement that tigers belong in the wild. The Year of the Tiger should raise awareness that these incredible animals need conservation, not commodification. More tigers live in captivity in the U.S. than the mere 3,900 who remain in the wild. Tigers are under serious threat due to their use as ‘pets,’ exploitative tourism, farming for traditional medicine, poaching, habitat destruction and the climate crisis. Whether bred in captivity or captured from the wild, the stress these tigers undergo when forced to pose for photos is immense. Gucci’s fashion campaign treats tigers as mere props and encourages consumers to do the same.”





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Why did I think this was gonna be Peta getting really mad about them throwing rice in the wedding scene in HoG?  :ladyhaha:  

(Edit: because of the thing where birds eat rice and it expands and splits their stomachs! In case anyone thought I was being completely random :laughga: )

Edit again: nvm turns out that's actually false

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Mother of Puppies
25 minutes ago, Helxig said:

Why did I think this was gonna be Peta getting really mad about them throwing rice in the wedding scene in HoG?  :ladyhaha:  

I didn't know rice was a living creature with feelings. :huntyga:

I'm a free womaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
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That tiger or those tigers are hella cute, my god, gorgeous animals 

OT: we’re the tigers actually on set? I always thought things like this they would just photoshop the animals in from another environment

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I saw this ad and found the concept so amazing, I was considering getting a tiger as a pet. I'm glad they posted this, I had no idea that my home was too far and different from their natural habitat, it made me reconsider my choices. I think I will get an elephant instead :wub:

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1 hour ago, myluis617 said:

Im sure most people know tigers are not adequate for being a house pet. 

Americans certainly don't seem to know that. Americans have always been the weirdest pet owners.

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