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gaga is the aura leak, i'm the dancer:

Whenever I haven't heard it for a long time, I'm always surprised it's even better than I remember.  

I know, it's also pop ART and POP

2 hours ago, VictorS said:

Brooklyn Nights was removed at the last minute. It's definitely one of the best Gaga songs :toofunny:

Totally agree

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It took me a while to love it. This was the first Gaga album that disappointed me. Every release at that time had been better than the previous one so the tease and all of that made me think I'd love it more than Born This Way.. yeah expectations were high. I almost had to force myself to love it because everyone here were raving about it and I felt left out. I mean I do appreciate it now and it's a cool album but definitely overrated by this fanbase.

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My comfort album

Production hasn't aged at all

Jewels N Drugs deserves so much more

MANiCURE is the direction I want her to go in

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Is the pope catholic? 
Entrance Hello GIF by Schitt's Creek

.・゜゜・ ✺◟(⍤ಎ⍤)◞✺ ・゜゜・.
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I love it. The stans overrate it and the general public underrates it. Its always been in a tough spot lol

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