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Travis Scott files request to dismiss Astroworld suits


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As defendants begin to respond to the hundreds of lawsuits filed in the aftermath of the Astroworld Festival, Travis Scott has requested to be dismissed from multiple lawsuits he’s named in. 

Scott denied all the allegations set against him in 11 different lawsuits, according to one of his representatives, and he’ll likely be filing many more requests to be dismissed in the future. He’s named in most of the nearly 300 suits filed in Harris County.

Among the 11 suits Scott responded to was one filed by Bhaghu Shahani, father of Bharti Shahani, one of the 10 who died during the concert.

The representative reiterated that Scott “is not legally liable” for the tragedy. 

Live Nation and its subsidiary ScoreMore, Astroworld’s promoters, denied all the allegations against them, as did the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, which owns venue NRG Park. Those defendants, however, didn’t ask for their dismissal. 
Travis Scott doesn't believe he should be tied to litigation when it comes to the tragedy that happened at Astroworld so he's asking a judge to nix one of the lawsuits against him.

The rapper just filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, denying the claims against him by a guy named Jessie Garcia, who's alleging he was in the crowd at the festival. Trav's asking that his suit be dismissed with prejudice specifically, as it pertains to TS himself, his company (Jack Enterprises) and his foundation/label (Cactus Jack). Travis is issuing a "general denial," which is a legal term in civil suits that allows one to submit one blanket response to all the allegations against them.

In other words, Travis is making clear that the deaths and injuries are not his responsibility, and he's asking the judge to toss the suit against him and his entities.


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He is actually ****ing trash. 

His fans are too for defending this piece of ****.

In a world where you could he anything, be kind.
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Franch Toast

Good luck with that. There’s actually precedent for victims at a concert being able to hold the artist responsible. A few years ago, Gwen Stefani encouraged fans to move forward at a concert, and a woman broke her leg when the crowd was rushing around her. She ended up being able to file a lawsuit against Stefani but not Livenation; ultimately, they settled out of court. That was over a broken leg, so I’ll be surprised if TS isn’t held accountable here.


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He needs to be prosecuted. What he did, at Astroworld, especially with all of the evidence that is here, we need to put out a signal to artists and touring companies that this should never, ever happen again. I feel bad for the families of the victims, because I would to be honest, not be particularly happy with his disrespectful response. Also, generally I believe that his attitude towards the tragedy was disrespectful. It is indefensible. If this would’ve happened with LG, I would’ve dropped her in a heartbeat.

majkl > kitsch
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Ok not a good look but is he himself actually responsible? I'm asking because it seems like the touring company is liable because they didn't hire enough staff. Anyone have info? 

Also everyone's reactions here are a bit much. 

By that logic isn't every concert goer that pushed forward and trampled people also responsible?

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