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Gaga looks that were robbed of red carpet?

Smother Em Eh

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Smother Em Eh

What are some Gaga looks that never made it to being a red carpet look but should have?

Heres mine, 

I’m so disappointed the iconic pale skin tone, long platinum blonde hair and red lipstick TFM look NEVER made it as a red carpet look! 
Not necessarily in this outfit but in this “look” and “face” 

2013 Andy Cohen Sea Shell Girl Look


These WOULD SLAY as red carpet looks! If Only! :giveup::worship2:
And this random set of other looks! 


Post yours! 

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One of the things with red carpet looks is the lighting can be super bad and harsh and the photogs use high flash UHD photos, so you have to plan your makeup to work well with that. A lot of editorial type of makeup looks (like the blonde brows McQueen headpiece) would perhaps look awkward outside their lighting context so the Haus has to keep that in mind when choosing a look for the red carpet.

Also while later-era Gag did have her platinum hair red lip vixen red carpet moment several times, TFM era Gag said she "never wanted to be another b*tch in a dress on a red carpet" so... that's why we weren't gonna get any Veronica Lake serves during TFM era :laughga:

I think this is a perfect example of what u were looking for in the first post :kiss:



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Queen Chucky

I absolutely love this pastel goth e-girl witchy Fleetwood Mac look. My jaw dropped when I saw this, simple but stunning. I hope she brings something like this back sometime. 


I cannot handle it. She's so hot it's hurting my feelings :giveup::legend:


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Smother Em Eh
1 hour ago, JazzGa said:

I think this is a perfect example of what u were looking for in the first post :kiss:



Well yes I’ve seen this look and love it but I really meant ghost pale skin tone, white platinum blonde with the red lipstick. TFM was so ghost white and white platinum hair that matched and the red lipstick truly stood out due to the GHOST pale skin tone and WHITE platinum blonde hair. Meanwhile, this is different but the same concept, yes. :triggered:

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This look from after the super bowl. Because her hair, makeup and attitude is flawless. 



Also, I've always loved this and don't know what she wore it for other than the Terry Richardson book. 




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