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One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga


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I know that's not right :sweat:...but if anyone managed to recorded it or if there's a way for us to download it, i would be very grateful if anyone can provide a link. I couldn't watch it live ( it's always very late here when this stuff happens) i had to catch up some sleep cause it was a very busy weekend ahead of a even more busy week. 

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Ohhh they are so winning Album of the Year 

I never entered any of these one last time topics because I thought you guys were talking about Ariana Grande. OMG

One Last Time will be starting soon! It will be aired on CBS and Paramount+ at 8pm EST/1am GMT. Use this thread to discuss. (Yes I'm aware this is an old gif.)

3 hours ago, hpmcmill said:

My mom texted me that my 90-year-old Grandma was watching, on her own doing 🥺🥺

my 67 year old aunt scheduled a watch party with my parents 🥺 and my 90 year old grandma was also planning to stay up and watch some of it!!

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Why didn't they re-air it? So weird. I thought maybe it'll re-air around 10 but I couldn't find anything on my guide. I was busy catching up on RHOP :(

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1 hour ago, hpmcmill said:

Can Gaga herself win an Emmy for this?? One step closer to EGOT.

Yes. C2C live was nominated for an Emmy in 2015. This time they have an actual chance of winning.

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Very touching. So professional yet so intimate and sweet. That big audience generosity lead by such a brilliant Gaga. My, that woman is a treasure on legs - and what legs ! Goosebumps and tears everywhere. Stand up emotion and infectious swing.

I bow down to Mr Bennett, so elegantly leaving the stage after that huge career of his, being so bold and singing so well. Bringing all these lyrics back from memory across age and illness. What a hero. To see his sparkling eyes, mesmerized by the audience, is an image of hope and kindness for any human being. 

And Gaga, the golden Tramp. May her star become brighter and brighter for the years to come. We need you LG. We need you to make our lives better. Please, let your gracious smile forever shine. Watching you on stage, joyfully singing and dancing your heart out makes me realize that any day without a pinch of Gaga is unforgivably dull. You dazzling queen. I love you.



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Late to the party but I got a diamond heart
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48 minutes ago, QUEENH said:

This is sending me because Michael isn't even clapping for Gaga here... Its for Tony. 


aw glad he is still around 

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