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H.E.R. is enjoying her moment as a Grammy darling

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On Tuesday H.E.R. joined the likes of Jon Batiste and BTS and more to announce the nominees for the upcoming 64th annual Grammy Awards, not knowing that she would become one of the night’s biggest contenders herself.
By the end of the presentation, H.E.R. had earned 8 nominations, giving her the most nods for female artists this year.

Yeah, I did not expect that at all,” she recalled on a conversation to Billboard. “Honestly, I didn’t. It’s crazy. It feels crazy. It’s a special day. I got [21 total Grammy] nominations at 24. It was a lot of years leading up to this point, but I look back at my journey, and I’m so grateful that it led me here.” 

It’s nuts. I’m grateful to be a part of the culture,” she gushed when asked about being a Grammy darling. “I’m grateful to be leading a generation, and just being recognized alone is crazy. It hasn’t fully hit me, but it all feels insane.”

With over 20 nominations tucked under her belt before the age of 25, H.E.R. has also won4 gold trophies, including song of the year (“I Can’t Breathe”) at this March’s ceremonies and best R&B album (H.E.R.) back in 2019.


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So it safe to say she didn't expect it.. well we neither, girl. :huntyga:

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