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Evermore and Donda are added to AOTY nominees at last-minute


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3 minutes ago, salty like sodium said:

And that the voting members are not members of the academy, but members of the industry like Gaga, Rihanna, etc ... So you failed to understand a joke, and also to debunk the joke with facts that weren't facts at all ... :bear: It's as simple as that.

Most of them are still old people :bear: Young artists don’t automatically get the membership invite. 

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A leaked document called “Final Nominations List” showed only 8 nominations in the General Field categories. Here are the adds: Kanye West + Taylor Swift in Album of the Year ABBA + Lil Nas

oh wow, another L for OGH who claimed fraud for LFS nominations  They earned their noms fair and square

Folklore should’ve been nominated over Evermore imo. Edit: Just found out Folklore already won last year 

salty like sodium
19 minutes ago, Meat said:

Most of them are still old people :bear: Young artists don’t automatically get the membership invite. 

Yeah but not all old people in the industry like Jazz, they're literally in the industry so they're up to date on current trends imo

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So, that secret committee is still a thing after all? These inclusions are very weird, for the most part. It looks almost as if they put Taylor there to acknowledge the fact she made an album they liked but they just couldn't nominate her lots of times because Folklore was clearly one big album separated into two, so anything it won was like Evermore winning too and it just didn't seem fair. But they wanted her to know they weren't completely snubbing her. The ABBA one is so random, that screamed "last minute addition." To play devil's advocate, I could say it could actually be a sign that they're more likely to win as they were clearly deemed so important they had to included, but at the same time, it could just be an attempt at a more diverse list? But I certainly think that AOTY is one the most diverse line-ups ever from multiple angles. Doesn't say much for these artists images that this is coming out at this point, though. It suggests bought nominations, even if that isn't actually what happened. And L4S's nominations were all legit? It feels good to be a Gaga fan.

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