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Are Demi and Ariana nominated for Best Remixed Recording ?

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Are Demi and Ariana nominated for Best Remixed Recording ?

Best Remixed Recording A Remixer's Award.
(Artists names appear in parentheses for identification.) 
• Back To Life (Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta Dub)- Booker T, remixer (Soul II Soul)
• Born For Greatness (Cymek Remix) - Spencer Bastin, remixer (Papa Roach)
• Constant Craving (Fashionably Late Remix) - Tracy Young, remixer (K.D. Lang)
• Inside Out (3SCAPE DRM Remix) - 3SCAPE DRM, remixer (Zedd & Griff)
• Met Him Last Night (Dave Audé Remix) - Dave Audé, remixer (Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande)
• Passenger (Mike Shinoda Remix) - Mike Shinoda, remixer (Deftones)
• Talks (Mura Masa Remix)\ -Alexander Crossan, remixer (PVA)

The rules and guidelines for the 64th GRAMMY Awards:
• statuette → remixer(s) 
• certificates → no certificates issued.

so according to the rules only Dave Audé is nominated


Demi thanked to the Recording Academy


Island Records congratulated to Demi and Ariana

Scooter posted the list with all his nominated artists and included Demi and Ariana with Best Remixed Recording nom

Do they don't know the rules?


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Demi and Ari must have added a beat each to claim the remixer title!! Slay! :giveup:

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no. lol. the nomination is for the remixer. the artists' name next to the song is just for clarification for what the song is. this is written under the nomination category. 

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