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It’s a sign Gaga should release more jazz


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I am one of the few fans who would die for an original Gaga jazz album. There is no denying that jazz music is her true love. I hope one day she lets go of this desire to please the dance club gay fan

Ok, I know most of the nominations were because it’s Tony’s last album, but hopefully it also pushes Gaga to release more jazz, especially a solo album. I’ve been saying this for years, but it’s crazy

i'm so tired of jazz classics, i want originals and originals and originals if we're getting another jazz album


If she can come up with an original jazz record and push jazz forward like she did for pop then I’m in. I feel like her mindset now could be put to some good use with some experimental jazz record. I want her to mess things up, not just do a straightforward jazz standards record. She did that twice and well already. 

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Putang Ina Mo

Gaga should at least have an original Jazz song.


Didn't she write an original song for C2C but didn't feel confident in releasing it?

my username says it all 🇵🇭
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Nathaniel Arven

she could do rock and jazz but also  she low-key already did - I really think that the Joanne/ ASIB era was her tapping into her rock vibes and showing what she has to give in that genre. 

I think her next move in music is very hard to guess from now on. But I'd be really here for something rock, or jazzy, or backtoblack-ish. Like digging into the Joanne sound again... 

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I really hope she does. I think a good way to keep the Jazz albums in their own timeline is to release future albums as Lady Gaga & The Brian Newman Quartet. This way there is no solo credited album under Lady Gaga that's Jazz standards but she still has an opportunity to make collaborative Jazz records outside her pop discography. 

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I'm thinking she'll do duet albums with Brian Newman (who knew he can sing pretty great). That way her streak of #1 solo projects will stay intact.


Or perhaps she'll continue to do them with another jazz singer like Bublé (:sick:).

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I'm more into pop, electronic and rock music, but I am happy with her and Tony's albums, I am also glad that she doesn't stick to one genre of music, theres something for everyone! I would like to see a metal or industrial album from her!

Father, Son, and Haus of Gaga
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I wouldn't want it as her next album. However, down the road I think she could pull off a modern Jazz album that leans heavily on pop and other genre fusions. Perhaps an album that contains classic rock, classic hollywood, and jazz influences mixed with modern pop and other genres. 

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