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Would you be here for Gaga to rerecord her albums?


Album-era revisit  

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  1. 1. Which album-era should Gaga revisit first?

    • The Fame
    • The Fame Monster
    • Born This Way
    • ARTPOP
    • Joanne

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Since Taylor is having insanely successful rerecordings of her previous albums and adding unreleased tracks from her vault, and even reliving some of the revisited era with the looks/fashion.

Would you be here for it if Gaga were to do it?

If yes, which album era would you want her to do first?

I've excluded Chromatica since that album-era is still sort of going (and yes, Im delusional on this I know).

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With all new arraignments and visuals that give the songs a new focus! I would love that. It would serve as a greatest hits but on steroids. She performed Just Dance acoustically at a Marc Jacobs party in 2009 and it was so haunting and gave the idea of a young girl out of control situation. 


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I mean they'd probably sell less than Love For Sale and we'd have to deal with a meltdown by fans every release but if she wanted to do it for some reason, I'd be cool with it.

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I want her to release a double disk with her hits on side A and her best unrelased on side B.

She doesnt have the selling power that Taylor has but a greatest hits could still spark interest of new fans and reintroduce her music to new generations and at the same time spark interests of fans with unreleased like Brooklyn Nights, Princess Die, and some scrapped LG5 tracks so everyone is happy.


Maybe a new song as a lead single too.

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I would love for her to record Captivated, cause it's such a beautiful song, but I feel she's a bit embarrassed about her earliest songs. 

A whole album would be too much for me, I like the way they are.

Maybe one day she can release a greatest hits reimagined album, that could be fun. Her live version of Bad Romance in 5ft2 is beautiful, wish it was on Spotify.

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Her voice hasn't changed that much since then, but if she ever decides to rerecord TFM with a DVD including MVs for Monster, Speachless and DITD, I would buy it in a second :excited2:

GP wouldn't probably give a sh*t, but I am sure all fans would be dripping :gaycat:

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the only album that I think would warrant any sort of rerecording or rerelease is ARTPOP. It's already a controversial/polarizing record in its own right, which I think would draw in audiences today, but it was also an era of missed opportunities, misunderstanding, and unfulfilled plans. It would be awesome to see a truly realized ARTPOP, perhaps with ACT II tacked on as "From the Vault" tracks. It'd allow her to remedy past mistakes (re-record DWUW with someone like The Weeknd, for example), realize the entirety of her vision, and vindicate her most misunderstood album (perhaps like how Red TV has been critically reassessed).

it's a super painful period for her, but i also wonder if rerecording/rereleasing could help her heal and gain some closure/perspective from that era? Given ARTPOP's 10th anniversary is coming up, wouldn't be a bad idea imo, especially if she's doing more movie roles and perhaps writing less music.

aside from ARTPOP, tho, idk why she would redo any of the others. I would, however, LOVE for her to release acoustic/jazzy versions of all her albums. her melodies are so beautiful and they really shine when it's just her and a piano (Poker Face, Eh Eh, Paparazzi, ARTPOP, Stupid Love, BTW, TEOG on piano are marvelous).

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