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What Gaga era are you based on your age?


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5 hours ago, beli8 said:

Based off Gaga's age? Im 5 months older than her so I'm in her current era/5 months into her future 🤣

Exactly I'm about a month older than she is. 

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Her Born This Way Ball era

I'm 26 and it messes me up seeing her old videos/performances etc and being like, she was younger than me there :bear:

And she was my age when I saw her live for the first time :saladga:

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At 66, based on average Gaga's album releases span, eclectic interests and the fact she's at the dawn of a prolific movie career... let's say... LG30 !!:party:

Well, at least I hope so for most of you.

I'll be probably long time :rip:

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