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Billboard: 5 Ways the Music Industry Has Changed Since 25


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I thought this was a pretty insightful piece and confirmed a lot of the different changes we’ve observed for Gaga through releasing Joanne, ASIB, Chromatica, and most recently Love For Sale. Also the article featured a small shoutout to Shallow as being one of very few songs to lead the charts without the reliance of big dance beats or as an R&B tune. 

I totally forgot that 25 sold over 3 million records in its first week. Naturally the sales will be far less now, but still interesting to see how it fairs since it’s Adele. 

Been a cuff touple, a puff bupple, a tough couple of years.
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Would have been nice of them to mention TikTok and how it’s affected the longevity, consistency, diversification (and consequently over-saturation) of hit songs 


and kpop (in contrast to Adele’s ballad style + rise of more international acts) 

please enlighten me to death
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All very valid points and it will be interesting to see what her longest ever gap between albums means for her sales and longevity of singles. It's good she got with the times and will make it all available on streaming from day 1 because she could get away with restricting it from streaming for 7 months back when streaming was a new concept but that won't fly in 2021, we expect music to be available on every streaming service simultaneously with it being on physical, download and YouTube release and if it's not, your sales will suffer, that's just a fact. Taylor missed out on 2 #1 singles in the UK with her 1989 album purely because she didn't make them available on Spotify so Adele's team will have to take note of these harsh realities. And definitely ballads are very hard sell these days, even in the cold months. One day, I'd like to see Adele take the risk of putting out music in the summer months to prove that good ballads will still sell in the summer but clearly, she and her team and are too scared to try that. Honestly, it's hard to imagine any other ballad being as big or bigger than Driver's Licence, I feel like that was the big ballad hit of the year and there's only room for one. And even though music videos for every single aren't as imperative as they used to be, Adele would really benefit from releasing more. She released 3 for her debut album but only released 2 per album ever since, not even a proper video for Skyfall, meaning she only has 7 official music videos after 13 years in the business which is insane.

She'll naturally still slay but it won't be as impressive as last time. The question is just how less impressive it'll be and I really can't call it. Less impressive for her standards, naturally.

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No Way Home
3 hours ago, Blastertoyo said:

Would have been nice of them to mention TikTok and how it’s affected the longevity, consistency, diversification (and consequently over-saturation) of hit songs 

They did, there was a section about TikTok and it's impact at the end. They didn't deep dive into it, but they did mention it. 

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Dead body

I think this article is a bit amateurish, sounds like it was written by a GGD member, from the points with no recieps to the ones that are not related to 25 at all :laughga:

"Million-selling first weeks are an endangered species" — how is that related to 25 or any other album in any way?:koons:


Edit: my bad, I thought it was about how 25 changed the industry lol, it's about how it's changed since then:ladyhaha:

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