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'Love for Sale' at #42 on UK Albums Chart Update


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1 hour ago, funkyhaus said:

Looks like nobody’s buying Love :bear:

Not bad for a second week for an album that relies entirely on traditional sales. 

Love it when you call me legs In the morning, buy me eggs
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Mirrion Rizzons
33 minutes ago, dojo said:

this is actually very good for a second week for an album with no promo in a foreign country

UK Is one of her main markets

but yeah its good for a 2021 jazz album in its second week 100%

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Its absolutely good imo, could have been much worse, we need to be glad for any more weeks on any chart tbh. Its not a pop release there's nothing that can keep it afloat with radio or the biggest streaming playlists so...

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Bear in mind that Dawn of Chromatica was out the charts after one week, so this really could be worse. It's purely a physical sales based album, so that's hard enough to shift as it is and it's had no promo. I'm still holding out for a Strictly Come Dancing promo slot like she did for C2C but it's probably unlikely this time as artists haven't been promoting as usual in the streaming era and there's travel restrictions right now. I don't even think big names really go on these shows much these days and they focus more on British guest stars. #6 was amazing considering C2C only peaked at #10 (with more sales) back in the day, so let's be thankful for that.

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12 minutes ago, androiduser said:

"but if you take into consideration that (insert whatever here), it's actually doing great!!!"

And? Is it so bad to not live in this constant state of deranged negativity? 

You remind me that it's such a wonderful thing to love.
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In the words of Lady Gaga, 'I'm falling down down, so down down'

Large swarms of flies kept following me around, and I truly began to believe that she had sent them.
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23 hours ago, pachinko said:

We need an Ed Sheeran collab to win the charts again. 

My guess is Gaga's next jazz album would be more commercial... Think Jazz & Piano, plus COLLABS with young jazz/R&B/pop artists. It makes sense if the goal is to introduce young people to jazz. 

She'd include some of the biggest hits from the Great American Songbook, jazz standards (by various composers) even non-jazz fans may have heard of. Keep the classics alive! 

Let's be honest. 911 did NOT chart, but a jazz collab with an artist like Ariana would... Arianators would be more than happy to stream and buy their fave's first jazz single! 🙂

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