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What if Gaga had released


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Imagine if Gaga actually released an EP like this in 2012. :messga: Honestly the way 2012 didn’t have any official releases but was full of new music (Stache, Princess Die, Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe)… It feels like there was a whole separate era even though it was technically still BTW since she was doing shows

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wait this is lit

you're totally right, the pre-ARTPOP/post-BTW era is way different from the actual ARTPOP album and definitely not part of BTW. If she had actually done something like this, I feel like it would've bridged the gap and might've prevented some of the hate she got with AP.


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And who could forget Cake Like Lady Gaga :bradley:

dOnT sAd ReAcT mE 2 bE sHaDy i WiLL RePoRt U!!1!
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Stone S
9 hours ago, KURUSHITOVSKA said:

I just wish we can get Princess Die someday

I pray that it leaks. That’s the only way we would get it. Hopefully one day 

Welcome to Industria
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