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Create a Gaga concert that has…


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Create a Gaga concert that has…


Create a Gaga concert set list that meets the following requirements (all numbers must be exact):

It must have exactly 21 songs

You must include 10 singles (this does not include promo/international singles)

You must include two covers: One that Gaga has performed or recorded before, one she hasn’t.

Three songs must be played at the piano.  One must be a song we have never heard acoustically.

You may only include songs from five albums (To be clear, the following count as albums: The Fame, TFM, BTW, ARTPOP, C2C, Joanne, ASIB, Chromatica, LFS).

You must include exactly one unreleased song.

Three songs must be track 6 on their album.

You may only include three songs that #1 in the US.

One song must be a single that did not reach the top 10 I’m the US.

You may include alternate renditions or remixes of songs, but they will be counted based on the original version (so if you include an acoustic version of Born This Way, it would count the same way as the studio version).


I’ll post my set list tomorrow, but I want to see what you all do.  Time to get creative!

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Okay Bobby slow down on the idea gathering :laughga:

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Massive Monster

Is this some sort of magic trick where we all select the same 21 songs ? :oprah::flop:

accuse the hunchback of notre dame GIF

Kind regards
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I’ll give this a try tomorrow :ohwell:

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Nathaniel Arven

_Chromatica I (counts as a song because it's the exact album version)


_Poker Face

_Perfect Illusion

_Bad romance - rock version


musical interlude - (does not count as any song because it's a jam with hints of Sine from Above)



_The Cure 

_Someone To Watch Over Me (instead of Nature Boy)

_Million Reasons - remix version

_Sine from above with piano intro

_Telephone piano version


_Grimes interlude (the unreleased  one - counts as a song)


_Stupid love 

_Rain on me 


_Fun tonight piano version (with trumpet and drums too)

_Hit the road Jack ! (still on the piano but only for the intro, then she slowly fades aways for the final costume change)....


_Free Woman jazz version (instrumental interlude - counts as a song too)












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1 hour ago, Nathaniel Arven said:

_Chromatica I (counts as a song because it's the exact album version)

_Poker Face

_Perfect Illusion

_Bad romance - rock version


_The Cure 

_Nature Boy 

U already failed, you can only include songs from 5 albums 


please enlighten me to death
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Nathaniel Arven
15 minutes ago, Blastertoyo said:

U already failed, you can only include songs from 5 albums 


omg nooooooo :'ooooo The Cure is on no album and Nature Boy is actually from C2C but we could change it with Someone To Watch Over Me for the cover she's already done :D

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Evil topic.

My brain has melted and I don't even know if this works anymore, I think it does:

Act I: The Fame / Hollywood
1. Just Dance
3. The Fame
4. Los Ageless (St. Vincent cover)
5. Plastic Doll
6. Poker Face

Act II: Repression / Edwardian
7. Bloody Mary
8. Paparazzi
9. Replay (piano)
10. Perfect Illusion

Act III: Bower of Bliss / Roman
11. Venus
12. LoveGame
13. Sexxx Dreams
14. I Want Your Love (Chic cover)
15. Stupid Love

Act IV: Liberation / Military
16. Hair
17. Nothing On but the Radio
18. Million Reasons (piano)
19. Born This Way
20. Applause

21. The Edge of Glory (piano)

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As promised, here is my solution.  MAJOR props to the others who completed this challenge.  In case you can't tell I'm one of those weird nerds who loves puzzles and plays sudoku when they're bored in class!  




Act 1: New York Beginnings

Marry the Night

Brooklyn Nights

New York New York (Frank Sinatra Cover)

I Dreamed a Dream (Cover from Les Miserables)


Act 2: A Lover’s Quarrel

Dancin’ in Circles

Bad Romance



Act 3: Fighting the Demons






Act 4: Acceptance

Fun Tonight

Million Reasons (Piano)

Sine From Above (Piano Acoustic)

Yoü and I (First Verse Piano Acoustic, Band the Joins)

Born This Way


Act 5: Celebration


Rain on Me




Poker Face

The Edge of Glory





10 Singles: MTN, BR, Paparazzi, Telephone, MR, Yoü and I, BTW, ROM, PF, TEOG

2 Covers: New York New York (performed before), I Dreamed a Dream (never performed)

3 Piano Songs: MR, SFA (never performed acoustically, or at all for that matter), Yoü and I

5 Albums: BTW, Joanne, TFM, TF, Chromatica

Unrealeased: Brooklyn Nights

3 Songs that are Track 6: Telephone, Fun Tonight, Hair

3 Songs that are #1 Hits: PF, ROM, BTW

Single Did Not Reach Top 10: MTN



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Act I

1. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

2. Stupid Love

3. Venus


Act II

4. Dance In The Dark

5. Just Dance

6. Poker Face (piano)

7. Telephone (piano)



8. Bloody Mary

9. Alejandro

10. So Happy I Could Die


Act IV

Intro: Chromatica II

11. 911

12. Government Hooker

13. I'm Afraid of Americans (David Bowie cover)

14. Electric Chapel


Act V

15. Bad Romance

16. Judas

17. Touch of My Hand (Britney Spears cover)


Act VI

Intro: Applause (DJWS Remix)

18. Applause

19. Hair

20. Brooklyn Nights



21. Marry The Night (piano)

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