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What‘s your #1 favorite Gaga song?


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my top 10

1. Do What U Want

2. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion

3. Applause

4. Dope

5. Bloody Mary

6. So Happy I Could Die

7. Venus 

8. Speechless 

9. Fashion!

10. The Ultimate Weed Song aka MJH:ohwell:

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Which song out of Gaga‘s entire discography is your absolute favorite and why? To me it‘s without a doubt Bad Romance. It‘s not only my favorite song by Gaga but also by any artist. The song is p

You and I will always be THAT bitch for me.  Everything about it is perfect to me. The song, the vocals, the lyrics, the video, the outfits, the feels  When the final guitar kicks in, Y

Marry The Night. Lyrically and melodically one of her best songs. The church bells still gives me goosebumps. The chorus is explosive and the outro is pop perfection. Do I need to say anything ab



Criminally underrated and thought it never really fit into TFM, but at the same time, glad it did, because that’s my favourite Gaga album too. Need a whole album of songs that sound like this please.

My top 5: Speechless, Dance in the Dark, Bad Romance, Do What U Want, Scheiße. …oh and Nothing On (But the Radio) has got to be my favourite unreleased Gaga track ever.

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Paparazzi, Heavy Metal Lover, Alejandro, Bad Romance, Dance In the Dark, and Alice as a most recent addition.

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