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New Love for Sale alternative covers CDs


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Reject False Icons

omg are we gonna have to pay for every individual shipping, she will get me dry but i much prefer this cover than the original 

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4 hours ago, NeonSkeleton said:

I'm so in love with all the art direction for this project, they've got it perfect:flutter:

Me too! I wonder if the person who did the art for Five Foot Two was involved. Reminds me of the style.

God created Adam and Eve, but Gọdga collabed with Brian🎺 and Steve🎷
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salty like sodium
4 hours ago, IllusionLover said:

She should do 7 different covers too keep it on brand.

Also I wonder if these new LFS covers will have different designs for the back cover and CD too

probably not

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9 hours ago, IllusionLover said:

Yes, also this variant ships the same day as the album so I'm glad she's finally pulling off a TSwift and is actually putting an effort to get this to #1, can't wait to see all the variants (so far we have 3)

This doesn't include different catalog numbers and barcodes just if the tracklist is different or cover (for vinyls and cassettes color of disc is included in making it different)

Standard Edition
Japanese Edition
Japanese Hi-Res Edition
Limited Edition #1
Limited Edition #2
Limited Edition #3
Limited Edition #4
Target Exclusive
Deluxe Edition
Japanese Limited Edition

Standard Edition (Black)
Standard Edition (Yellow)
Standard Edition (Picture Disc)
Target Exclusive/Deluxe Edition (Black)
Double Vinyl Box Set Exclusive (Black)

Standard Edition (Pale Pink)
Store Exclusive (Grey)
UK Exclusive (Apricot)

Edit: oh you meant for the limited edition covers... oops.

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9 hours ago, Eido said:

The next singles are written eheh 

Love For Sale 

I've got you under my skin 

Weird bc the tracklist is the standard version and under my skin is a bonus track on the deluxe 

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9 hours ago, Anderson123 said:

Monsters getting poor this year. This is what Taylor Swift fans must feel like.

fixed :madge:

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9 hours ago, Justin Drew Bieber said:

I wonder when the signed ones will be available

i don't think they'll be available for purchase?

the german store has a new banner that says if you preorder one copy of Love For Sale before Sep. 30, 11:59pm you'll automatically join a raffle for a chance to win one of 7 signed album covers :sis: 

i don't see that banner on her US shop

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People be buying it on German store for the chance at winning signed booklet, but that offer was only valid for German, Switzerland, & Austria residents is what I call brilliant marketing tactics :billie:


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ be delulu until it becomes trululu (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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Man can’t be bothered with buying more things from Gaga’s shop atm. Bought both the Vinyl and CD versions of DOC with an initial expected shipping date for mid October only to have it now updated to show March 22! I mean I don’t even know if I’ll still be living in the same house or even city by then :yennefer:

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9 hours ago, Ricardo said:

is it worth it tho? I'm just thinking of buying it for collecting purpose and maybe resell it in a few years... :ohwell:

I regret not buying like 50 copies of that ARTPOP vinyl with R. Kelly the week the documentary came out. :air:

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