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princess Gaga is back (IG)

Mother of Puppies

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She's REALLY into that filter huh   https://www.instagram.com/reel/CTqKNaSjXwH/?utm_medium=copy_link

She's going way too far with the Epione! She doesn't even look like herself anymore 

She learned her lesson with the “L”-s

Karen Smith
11 hours ago, Michael Polansky said:

My hand hurts from holding that camera 

I was sure you will say your hand hurts from signing it

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7 hours ago, tylertremallose said:

only 7 are signed to win. thats what the rules state and you must reside in france


10 hours ago, Sine From Above said:

I'm confused, so will this be the one people win or will be able to buy? Cause that seems like a lot for a contest scattered out on a few stores.

Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and UK as well

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FFXIV WhiteMage

Disney presents

World of Chromatica: The Rise of the Fhagguette 


Edited by FFXIV WhiteMage
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11 hours ago, Creon said:


Gaga makes me smile like Prince Charles in this photo

Oh god I feel sick. He actually had a hot body when he was young. Oh god ew my brain hurts 🤮

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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