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đź’“ Official visual for Ashnikko's remix of "Plastic Doll" đź’“

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I love how they put these videos out comparing SD & HD like we're at Best Buy in 2008

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I have never understood how they make HD versions of old videos.

Has the film from the time been preserved? Strange for such old video whose master should have been edited to video.

Perhaps there are new technologies that allow you to "reconstruct" the lines that make up the images to create an "HD effect" rather than an actual 2K or 4K scan of the original film?

Either way I'm glad Madonna is doing this, I'd love a nice Blu-ray with the complete collection of her clips in HD (yes, I'm part of the 100 people who still buy Blu-rays)

In the name of the Father, the Son and The House of Gucci.
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