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7 minutes ago, Wow said:


This post is going to get me banned (again) but it needs to be made. I was lilbit. 

Gagadaily (specifically Jase) just banned me because I allegedly spammed the report button. I reported several posts excusing Dua Lipa for using the n-word. This is not the first time I’ve been given warning points for calling out problematic behavior here on this site. I was first restricted use because I called out extremely problematic takes on black artists here by Moderator (that’s their name). He said I specifically flamebating Taylor swift fans (an obviously bias take). Taylor swift fans who were swarming a Kanye thread with hate, and microaggressions. With that being said I decided to watch and see how many other users “flamebait” according to Moderator’s terms, and reported it if I saw it. Those posts stayed up. Only my falmebaiting is inappropriate? (Btw my posts only asked why Taylor swift fans felt the urge to bother threads about artists they don’t like) Clearly my behavior is not an issue if other users continue to do the same things…


The usual excuse is “we cannot catch every instance”, but my activity is watched heavily by mods. Cyan himself admitted to me that mods privately discuss my profile while they were harassing me in private messages. They continued to beg me to come to a support thread to discuss WP they gave me when they know very well I cannot post at all…they laughed at me for not wanting support, and when I asked over and over again for them to stop messaging me…they didn’t. 

It isn’t fair that all other users don’t get to see the treatment of users who receive WPs. Admin himself has quoted my reports when warning other users, but the mod team seems to be on their own page about this. 

Why is it that moderators target users who simply ask for accountability and fairness? Why is it that users with the most reputation points seem to have the most problematic takes and stay around? Why are these WPs private if they’re so fair? Why is GGD okay with users justifying White people using the n-word? 

Why is flamebaiting only punished when it’s against white artists’ fan bases? Why are we asked to acknowledge WPs if doing so locks us from posting? GGD has decided to remove users who want fairness, and kindness privately rather than take their concerns seriously. 


I’ve kept screenshots of all of my WPs, all of the posts I’ve made that received warning points, and all of the posts I’ve reported. I will be posting them on Twitter every second I get. GGD mods have a clear and obvious take on racism, toxic posts. If @admin doesn’t want to take serious steps to manage users who posts horrible things here alllllllll day long then I will take it into my own hands. 


I am a black, Hispanic user who logs in everyday to see posts that offend POC, and when I report them nothing is ever done. Ever. I argue with them and I’m restricted. I report posts while I’m restricted and I get banned……hmmmmmm. 

This is a Wendy’s 

The rumours are true, I’m back from the dead ❤️
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