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Space Jam 2 Major Drop, While Black Widow & F9 Haven't Reached 1B Yet

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Turning back to the overall weekend numbers: Oldwas the biggest new opener for Hollywood this session overseas with $6.5M from 23 markets and including a strong No. 1 start in Russia at $2.1M and well above comps. Snake Eyes was No. 3 in Russia at $685K, while No. 1 in the UAE and Singapore. 

In holdovers, Disney/Marvel’s Black Widow held well during the mid-weeks, although it is suffering from a lack of South East Asian markets. The total 3rd weekend drop was 52% internationally for a $14.5M take in 48 markets. The international total is now $160.1M for $315M global. 

Warner Bros’ Space Jam: A New Legacy, which, like Black Widow; should normally have a China date by now, added $12.6M from 66 markets. The overseas cume is $42.6M with $94M worldwide. The holdover drop was terrific at -37% and in like-for-likes the film is tracking 74% over Tom & Jerry which also released during the pandemic.

And then there’s stalwart F9. Universal’s latest entry in the saga drove well past $600M worldwide this session to cume $621.3M. That’s the first Hollywood movie to the mark since 2019 Christmas release Jumanji: The Next Level got there in January 2020. The offshore weekend was $11.6M, hampered in part by the health pass requirement in France. The overseas total is $457.9M.






This is worrisome. Especially if you love movies.

No more promising box office gross, aka  $300++ Millions Domestic , $600++ Millions WW, on first week, and steady flow on its following weeks, might means all these studios will do major budget cuts on planned but yet filmed future projects, and even canceling all the smaller movies by up and coming directors/song writers because there will not be enough profits.

As much as streaming is convenient, this is what it will get down to, since streaming is not that profitable for movies. Since people will only pay once and watch several times on end without adding extra $$, as opposed to going to the cinema. So y'all better get ready on quality downgrade and lesser options in movies and lesser new talent get introduced in the industry. And these are just some of many domino effects this will cause to livelihood of many.

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I hope everyone on this site reads this before Gucci comes out. I could see the meltdowns already. :mark:

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It would've been foolish to expect pre-2019 numbers at this point - the movie business will take years to recover, if it ever can. It was pretty much assured those blockbusters would suffer some kind of blow despite being repeatedly pushed back.

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On 7/27/2021 at 10:25 AM, mr.peter said:

I hope everyone on this site reads this before Gucci comes out. I could see the meltdowns already. :mark:

well gucci is not really a blockbuster movie, no one is expecting it to crash 1bi at the box office... it's more focused on award season and critics (specially when you look at the way they are promoting the cast and crew on the trailers, filled with academy award winners and nominees). call me by your name for example, earned 41mi worldwide and moonlight 65mi; while asib and la la land landed over 400mi but that's rarely the case :popcorn:

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