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Amy Winehouse passed away 10 years ago today

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Ten years ago today, on 23 July 2011, the world lost one of its most talented artists, Amy Winehouse. She was 27.

Even 10 years later, she remains an icon and her music will never be forgotten. Rest in peace legend. 


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Karen Smith

Huge lost, she was an amazing artist. I was child but I remember her very well, cause she was charismatic :)

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I remember the day, 14yo me in the back seat 10 hours driving to the family reunion. Her album left such an impact on me. 

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It was such a tragedy, but one anyone could've seen coming. She only gave us two albums, but my god, both are masterpieces. Her talent was out of this world.

If you haven't seen the Amy documentary, do yourself a favor and watch it, it's great.

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Rest in Peace Amy, you saved my life, i only wish you could have been saved from death

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Beautiful soul and incredible music.

A reminder to create great things now. My dad always talks about how the world was robbed of some great music when John Lennon was killed. Can’t imagine lg passing. We aren’t here forever, folks. Make the most of today <3

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I remember waking up that morning, it was a saturday I think because I didn't go to school or work. The first thing I did was open this website and found a News or rumor thread about Amy's death and I thought it was a joke. Damn I was so devastated and couldn't stop thinking about her all day, I just couldn't believe it. It's crazy that it's been 10 years already, feels like only 5-6 years ago.

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