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Cher: when Britney is free I’ll take her to San Tropez

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Britney mentioned Cher in her latest Instagram post saying how she’s been a fan since she was child and dreamed of going to St Tropez with her and Cher responded:


#FreeBritney ♡
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And I bet she'd follow through on it too. Cher is an ICON and an ALLY to all :hug: :party: 

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Got mad respect for Cher for being one of the VERY FEW artists to support Britney publicly. Britney has always been very supportive of her peers yet barely anyone supported her these past years...

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iku iku iku


And here’s Cher saving an elephant. :bradley:

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Where is San Tropez? 


Kanye West Is Blonde And Gone
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Yass kweens give us The Greatest Thing - Lady Gaga feat. Cher and Britney Spears. :applause:

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Love the gesture but it amazes me that no powerful celebrity tried to Free Britney or bring any attention to the issue in the last 13 years. Surely someone would have known? Why is everyone only speaking out now?

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She's so kind <3

I really hope Britney manages to escape this conservatorship situation. It's so disturbing reading about what happened throughout the years and nobody knew.

I'd love to see Cher and Britney in St Tropez one day!


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