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How would you change Gaga's albums tracklists if you could?

Fuck You Pop Music

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Fuck You Pop Music

For me: 

The Fame Monster

1. Bad Romance

2. Alejandro

3. Bloody Mary

4. Monster

5. So Happy I Could Die

6. Speechless

7. Freakshow

8. Dance in the Dark

9. Teeth

10. No Way

*I'd make Telephone a non-album single or include it on The Fame


1. artRAVE (Intro)

2. Burqa

3. G.U.Y.

4. Venus (To The Planet)

5. Partynauseous (feat. Kendrick Lamar / the wild electronic hardcore artRAVE version)

6. Jewels N Drugs (feat. Nicki Minaj)

7. XXX (Sexxx Dreams with hip hop elements and Cake Like Lady Gaga as a bridge)

8. Do What U Want (solo)

9. Donatella

10. artRAVE act II


12. Swine

13. Princess High

14. Addicted to Love (MANiCURE, but less rockish and more electronic version with demo bridge, chorus and the recently leaked unused stems)

15. MJH (Mary Jane Holland with demo vocals)

16. I Wanna Be With You

17. Brooklyn Nights (Slower electronic ballad version)

18. Gypsy

19. Make it Real Loud 



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I'd call Gaga and say, "hey, I've been given the chance to switch up your tracklists.  You want any changes?"


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ARTPOP deluxe edition:

16. Radio

17. Temple

18. Brooklyn Nights

19. Tea

20. Tinnitus

21. Onion Girl


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Born This Way:

1-. Marry The Night

2-. Born This Way

3-. Government Hooker

4-. Americano

5-. Scheiße

6-. Judas

7-. Bloody Mary

8-. Heavy Metal Lover

9-. Nothing On (But The Radio)

10-. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

11-. Edge of Glory

12-. Bad Kids

13-. Electric Chapel

14-. Earthquake

15-. The Queen

16-. Fashion of His Love

17-. Hair

18-. Yo√ľ and I



1-. Burqa (Remastered Demo vocals + production)

2-. Venus (look up the reloaded visual version by Frankenwayne :fan:)

3-. G.U.Y 

4-. Sexxx Dreams (w/ demo bass)

5-. Jewels N' Drugs feat. Nicki Minaj

6-. MANiCURE (Remastered Demo)

7-. Do What U Want (Solo)


9-. Swine

10-. Donatella

11-. Fashion! feat. RuPaul

12-. Mary Jane Holland (Demo)

13-. I Wanna Be With You

14-. Gypsy

15-. Brooklyn Nights

16-. Applause


17-. TEA

18-. PARTYNAUSEOUS ft. Kendrick Lamar

19-. Tinnitus (Interlude)

20-. Stache (Princess High)

21-. Ratchet ft. Beyonce & Rihanna

22-. Luv U Sum

23-. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe ft. Kendrick Lamar

24-. Rhino (Interlude)


which is actually the JWT Car Interlude


25-. Nothing On!

26-. Cake Like (Lady Gaga)

27-. ARTPOP 2.0 (Hee Hee Version)


1-. Chromatica I

2-. Alice

3-. Stupid Love

4-. Rain on Me ft. Ariana Grande

5-. Free Woman (Demo)

6-. Fun Tonight

7-. Chromatica II

8-. 911

9-. Plastic Doll

8-. Sour Candy ft. BLACKPINK

9-. Enigma

10-. Replay (SOPHIE's Version)


look it up :sis:

11-. Chromatica III

12. Sine From Above with Elton John

13. The Greatest Thing ft. Cher (Remastered)

14-. 1000 Doves

15-. I Want Your Love (Cover)

16. Babylon (Haus Mix)

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The Fame:

1. Just Dance (solo)

2. LoveGame

3. Paparazzi (demo)

4. Poker Face 

5. Fashion

6. Beautiful Dirty Rich

7. The Fame 

8. Money Honey 

9. Starstruck (ft. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida)

10. Boys Boys Boys 

11. Paper Gangsta 

12. Retro Physical 

13. Fooled Me Again 

14. Brown Eyes 

15. I Like It Rough 

16. Rock Show 

17. Disco Heaven 

The Fame Monster:

1. Bad Romance 

2. Monster

3. Alejandro

4. Dance In The Dark 

5. Speechless

6. Telephone (FT. Beyoncé)

7. Trigger

8. So Happy I Could Die 

9. Teeth

Born This Way:

1. Marry The Night 

2. Born This Way (demo)

3. Government Hooker (

4. Scheiße

5. Americano (mix of Mariachi version and original)

6. Hair

7. Judas

8. Bloody Mary 

9. Black Jesus

10. Highway Unicorn

11. Heavy Metal Lover 

12. Electric Chapel 

13. Stuck On ****in You

14. Posh Life 

15. Bad Kids 

16. The Queen

17. Yo√ľ & I

18. The Edge Of Glory


1. Burqa

2. Venus 

3. G.U.Y (demo)

4. Sex Dreams (demo)

5. Tea

6. Jewels and Drugs (demo)

7. Ratchet 

8. ARTPOP (demo)

9. Swine (Swinefest version)

10. Onion Girl 

11. Do What You Want (With My Body) (SOLO) (demo)

12. In Like With You 

13. Maren

14. Tinnitus


16.Mary Jane Holland (demo)

17. Heard It On The Radio

18 Temple

19. Gypsy (demo)

20. The Applause (demo)


1. Stache (Princess High)

2. Red Flame (ft. Azealia Banks)

3. Cake Like Lady Gaga 

4. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (ARTPOP version)

5. Donatella 

6. Dope

7. Sire

8. Princess Die 

9. I Wanna Be With U

10. Brooklyn Nights 

11. Other song

along with other ARTPOP unreleased songs

Cheek To Cheek:

everything is the same except add Paradise to the album

Joanne: change to Chaos Angel (original LG5 with songs like Frankenstein and Room In My Heart)


Chromatica I

1. Alice

2. Free Woman 

3. Rain On Me 

4. Stupid Love

5. Fun Tonight

Chromatica II

6. 911

7. Plastic Doll

Chromatica III

8. Sour Candy 

9. Enigma

10. Sophie collab

11. DJWS collab

12. SOPHIE collab

13. Babylon (Early Version)

Edited by ARTVENUS
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Born This Way

Exclude Bad Kids and just release the deluxe as the standard version.

Lemme just post my ARTPOP dream tracklist again.
1. Aura (with the original leak vocals and the 2017 leak chorus after the bridge)
2. Venus
3. G.U.Y.
4. Sexxx Dreams feat. Rihanna (more like the Swinefest version, no "you were in my" "watch me act a fool" in the chorus)
5. Ratchet feat. Azealia Banks
6. MANiCURE (the demo version)
7. DWUW (solo)
9. Swine (Swinefest version with the piano intro, less autotune)
10. Fashion! feat. Rupaul
11. TEA
12. Mary Jane Holland (with the spoken intro/outro, less autotune, and the sustained belt from the demo)
13. Brooklyn Nights (2017 leak version)
14. I Wanna Be With U (leaked studio version)
15. Applause

1. Tinnitus
2. Onion Girl
3. PARTYNAUSEOUS (not the leaked version with Kendrick, the first artRave version that's really electronic)
4. Maren
5. Red Flame feat. Nicki Minaj
6. ARTPOP 2.0 (a second version of ARTPOP, the one that has leaked snippets)
7. Sire feat. Katy Perry
8. Princess Die (an electronic ballad version)
9. Gaze (is this a real song?)
10. In Like With You
11. Heard It On The Radio
12. Gypsy (no acoustic guitar, heavier production)
13. Temple

Who knows how many of the songs ACT II mentioned around the ARTPOP era actually exist, I just made it from what I could find.

Joanne, an EP:
1. Diamond Heart
2. A-YO
3. Joanne
4. John Wayne
5. Dancin In Circles
6. Perfect Illusion
7. Million Reasons
8. Angel Down

The meaning of life doesn't seem to shine like that screen
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Doing spoilers because the tracklists get the post very long.

The Fame 


1. Just Dance (solo)

2. LoveGame

3. I Like It Rough

4. Starstruck

5. Money Honey

6. Boys Boys Boys

7. Poker Face

8. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

9. Paparazzi

10. The Fame

11. Paper Gangsta

12. Brown Eyes

13. Disco Heaven

14. Summerboy

Bonus Tracks:

15. Again Again

16. Retro, Dance, Freak

17. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)


The Fame Monster


1. Bad Romance

2. Monster

3. Telephone

4. Dance In The Dark

5. Speechless

6. So Happy I Could Die

7. Alejandro

Bonus Track:

8. Teeth




1. Aura

2. Venus

3. G.U.Y.

4. Sexxx Dreams

5. Do What U Want


7. Fashion!

8. Applause

9. Swine

10. Donatella

11. Mary Jane Holland

12. Dope

13. Gypsy

Bonus Tracks:

14. Jewels N' Drugs



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