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SOS! Which is it?!

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Okay so now that I've been listening to Chromatica in Dolby Atmos, I'm convinced I'm hearing parts of the songs I've never heard before..

In Babylon, does she say "battle for your life, Babylon!" or is it "battle for your life in Babylon!" I hear both versions at different times but I just wanted to see what everyone thought!

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I just listened to all the separate Atmos files and it's most definitely "Battle for your life, Babylon" BUT in one of the backing vocal files, there is one instance I can almost barely make out "Battle for your life 'n' Babylon", probably just a small glitch in mixing

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  • PartySick changed the title to SOS! Which is it?!

Battle for your life and babble on, which also sounds like "in Babylon"

You popped my heart seams, all my bubble dreams
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Idk but I can't wait for a super gay remix to feature repeating "Ba, Ba, Ba, Babble on... Ba, Ba, Ba...." *Beat drop* :firega:

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