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Gaga nominated for best Pastry Collaboration

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57 minutes ago, ProfessionalClown said:

Troye Sivan and Twinkies.

He's actually won in that category for 4 years in a row. :applause:

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1 hour ago, weed said:

I mean... literally, when. will. your. fave! :vegas:

The custom designs, mini album cover cookie, pink and green, "People are capable of hard things" or whatever messages lmao spreading love with every project she does no matter how cheesy, love that!!

The influencers and their lollipops collabs found deadt.

Beyonce, Britney, Shakira and Pink never won when they were nominated for Best Sugary Drink on their collabs with Pepsi.

Gaga keeps winning.

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3 hours ago, Aphasic said:

Demi Lovato on a new category:

Accidental collab with a Frozen Yogurt Shop after a Misunderstanding.



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