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Hey guys, I wrote this EP about unrequited love and I'd love your feedback!


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So 9 months ago I shared with you guys my debut mixtape Counterculture and for the most part the reception was really positive (which I really appreciated btw). Now today I have a New EP and you were one of the first people I wanted to share it with because I feel like you actually understand who I am and where I'm coming from and I would love to hear what you think. So just some context on this new EP, 2020 was a tough year for everyone, myself included, and things were starting to look up when I met someone in quarantine. We talked everyday, shared intimate moments with each other and in my head, I thought that what we had was a mutual attraction. I was devastated to learn a little later on though that I was essentially seeing what I wanted to see and I was so starved for intimacy I created a version of this person in my head that didn't exist in real life. 2021 has been even worse for me mental health wise following that realization so this record is about loss and grief and trying to deal with the aftermath of knowing that someone who you feel strongly about just doesn't feel the same way. This is the link on Spotify, Apple Music, TidalBandcamp for those who use it and Amazon Music (let me know if this link is broken). Thanks for taking the time out to read and listen! You're the best <3


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