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Why you don't like Ed Sheeran?

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Do you like Ed Sheeran?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Ed Sheeran?

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Mediocre white boy music. Thinks too highly of himself.

To many straight white men get praise they don’t deserve. there are at least 10 other Ed Sheehans I can think of rn

Because I am still irrationally angry that he won the Grammy over Gaga, Kelly, Kesha, and Pink


I don't care for him as a person, but his music is incredibly bland and boring and offers nothing interesting or new. His voice is also mediocre at best. I never got why he's so famous when there are so many people who make the same type of music as him and sound exactly the same. He's just overall incredibly mediocre. The only time I encounter his music is when it's playing somewhere and I always can't wait for the song to end (even if I don't recognize that it's him) 

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Yes and No, I like some music/songs from him, but it is not special or something new. He, as a musician, is a bit overrated in my opinion. I don't have anything against him as a person. 

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I don't like his music.

I don't know him personally to judge HIM.

So I don't like Ed as a musician.

I'd rather be dead but I guess I'm alive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I remember he’s said some very cocky things so it stuck with me so I think he’s big-headed 

mans his music isn’t my thing, I’m not really into acoustics, or basic pop songs that were made purely just for the charts 

but that doesn’t mean I’m one of those people that bully him, I just don’t care for him :shrug:

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