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Lana Del Rey – Hey Blue Baby

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Hey besties, I’ve just discovered this unreleased Lana song from 2018 and wanted to share it with you. If you’ve got 3 spare minutes, give it a listen. I think it’s so beautiful :wub:

On another note, did anyone know this one already? It was written pre NFR alongside another track called I Must Be So Stupid For Being So Happy. Rumour has it both songs were never recorded in the studio. 


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"Hey Blue Baby" is a song written by Lana Del Rey and Jack Antonoff. It was written alongside "I Must Be Stupid for Being so Happy" for the 5th Ally Coalition Show, hosted by Antonoff.

Del Rey said that the songs were just written for the show, and wouldn't be on Norman ****ing Rockwell!. Having that in mind, it is possible that the song, along with "I Must Be Stupid for Being so Happy", may not have a studio version.


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4 minutes ago, calpky said:

Where was this energy on COCC?

I have a feeling she brings it back on Blue Banisters :wub:

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