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Legal™️ BTW MV alt-footage leak discussion thread


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On 5/7/2021 at 1:37 AM, Monsterabriel said:

hope we get venus someday!

It was never shot :messga:

It was the music video I wanted so bad. They scrapped it as a single once DWUW did better :toofunny: and that video will never see the day light

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It's such a weird feeling seeing all those looks from the Photoshoot pictures we've seen for a decade now "come to life" like that.

Maybe it was Gaga herself because we've been such good fans 

help I’m not posting any leaks but this twt account just appeared today and posted new behind the scenes footage of the Born This Way shoot, and an 8 minute video of Born This Way content, (appar

POP A 911

I just like that we got to see the full look for this be00697ab83de6ef7f2734f8c2f5c718.gif

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Unpopular opinion: the version we got in 2011 is 1000% better

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