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Workers Over 18 To Get Vaccine Priority Over Middle Aged In Toronto

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The Province of Ontario has decided that Toronto and the Suburbian cities in Peel Region which persistently continue to be hot spots will now prioritize essential and manufacturing workers over 18 in high risk work environements for infection instead of sticking to a gradual drop by age


However the rest of the Province for now will go down the ladder in priorities by age

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54 minutes ago, Economy said:

@GagaSine good or bad? :enigma:

Not sure tbh! I think younger people are more likely to be doing service jobs where they have to interact with people so it makes sense if that is the case but idk about the actual data on that.

I also have seen statistics that middle aged people are more hesitant of the vaccine so might as well vaccinate the people who are willing to get them (I.e. younger demographic) out of the way.

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Thomas P

As someone who is 20, this makes the most sense to me if i’m gonna be honest. My age demographic is the one that’s cooped up in 3-6 person living spaces where everyone has a different workplace, we’re typically the ones who are doing customer service jobs, we seem to be much more willing to get the vaccine than some older people, etc. 

Imo this seems logical, and it actually makes me feel a little more secure for my move back to Toronto next month. 

I’m a simple guy to please, if you like Melodrama, we chill.
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