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Bojo REFUSES to call for summit on NI violence

Miss Dolly

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Miss Dolly

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/boris-johnson-refuses-calls-for-summit-on-violence-in-northern-ireland/ar-BB1fwImo

“Boris Johnson’s government is resisting growing calls to hold a special crisis summit with Dublin to address rising tensions in Northern Ireland – amid growing international anxiety about a return to sectarian violence.”

I have no words for this man. I am so disgusted by Bojo. He is too blame for the disruption to peace in NI. 

Blue smoke is the heartbreak train
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Boris has always been a big fan of "ignore it and hope it goes away" strategies, so this isnt a surprise :noparty: 

buy bionic
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He’s a **** head, he can’t run **** so of course he won’t do anything. 

Tbh he is probably to busy cheating on his girlfriend to hold a meeting. 

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