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🐍 Official visual for Dorian Electra's remix of "Replay" 🐍


Doja Cat x Steven Klein for V Magazine

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excellent photos but how on earth will anyone recognize it is her even with the text of her name over the photos? it legit looks like a doll...not a person that is edited.

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This does not even look like Doja Cat... 

I want a whole Gaga era directed by Klein, music videos and photoshoots 


Giving me Plastic doll vibes and the shoot where Gaga was inside that plastic box 

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Lottie Winters

Ummm wow this is stunning next-level! Even if I don’t know what a doji is or whatever.

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Looks really cool. :giveup: That’s not really her though, right? Seems more like doll or wax figure that resembles her, idk... Doesn’t look like it’s *just* Photoshop.

dOnT sAd ReAcT mE 2 bE sHaDy i WiLL RePoRt U!!1!
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