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[POLL] Best Gaga Producer?

Justin Drew Bieber

Best producer?  

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  1. 1. Best producer?

    • RedOne
    • Rob Fusari
    • Fernando Garibay
    • DJ White Shadow
    • Zedd
    • Madeon
    • Mark Ronson
    • BloodPop

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I’m going to rank the ones who have done a lot of work with Gaga (RedOne, Garibay, DJWS, Ronson and Bloodpop).

1. Garibay - Produced some of her best work ever and brings the dark production. 

2. DJWS - Gaga’s most diverse producer, but not the most memorable. 

3. RedOne - A hitmaker for sure, but some of his earliest work with Gaga is dated. 

4. Bloodpop - I liked Chromatica a lot, but the production was not quite on the level it should’ve been on some songs (Free Woman is a choice). 

5. Ronson - I liked what they made on Joanne and A Star is Born, but it’s some of the lesser inspired among Gaga’s discography as a whole and isn’t a direction I am interested in seeing Gaga explore in the near future.

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RedOne. You can love or hate him, but Gaga's succes is his merit 

Honestly, Garibay. Wish they worked more together Bloodpop can CHOKE.   

It’s Fernando for me!


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The only answer


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14 hours ago, Wet Fire said:

Umm...yes :selena:

I know it was, but listen to it compared to Bloodpop’s solo credits. 911 is like 99.9 percent Madeon. 

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I have the feeling that Fernando wins because they cut relationships early and could have matured this collaboration more. RedOne and DJWS are striking, but both were more likely to work with Gaga to the point of saturating the partnership (in the case of RedOne). I still think Gaga could go back to collaborating with Mark and get an AOTY (he is the producer of Back To Black, for God's sake). Bloodpop gave us some cute bops, but I think they are diamonds that could have been better cut. Madeon is sick and can still make a lot. And as for Zedd ... I prefer Gaga to stay away from him, very generic.

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Fernando Garibay > Mark Ronson > RedOne > DJ White Shadow > BloodPop > Madeon >>> Zedd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rob Fusari

I would rather Gaga stay away from Zedd and Rob. As for Fernando, any chance they'd collaborate again? 

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Cookie Tookie
20 hours ago, The Clown said:

Fernando Garibay > RedOne > DJWS are the trinity.

This and only this

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