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Trump Terrorists ATTACK Congress

Morphine Prince

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It’s a Wednesday afternoon. Don’t y’all have jobs or something? :neyde:

dOnT sAd ReAcT mE 2 bE sHaDy i WiLL RePoRt U!!1!
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The law and order crowd.yeah right whatever GIF

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.
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Maybe this is exactly what bootlicking city governments need to see to get them to treat these white protestors just as violently as they treated the BLM protester this summer.

Where is the tear gas? Where are the rubber rounds and explosions being fired at the crowds? Why do I not see that here? Why are the police coddling them? (Don't answer I kno)

God created Adam and Eve, but Gọdga collabed with Brian🎺 and Steve🎷
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"BlUe LiVeS mAtTeR!!!!"

"ReSpEcT cOpS!!!"

"LaW aNd OrDeR!!!!"

Words cannot describe how much I hate these people.

♦ Joker: Folie à Deux ♥ || October 4, 2024
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This reminds me of the scene in Death Note when they tried to overrun the building Near was and he commented about how he understood there were some people who stood with Kira, but those people who came to overrun were different than just supporting and were truly disgusting and stupid. 

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funny how people protest for racial equality are treated worse than these people who are attempting some sort of a coup. these people need to be labeled terrorists and dealt with in the same way we do anyone we deem terrorist, as far as i'm concerned.

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