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Favorite BTWB hair (thus far?)


favorite BTWB hair, yo  

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  1. 1. yo, what's yo favorite BTWB hair

    • 'Banshee tails' (the pigtails!)
    • BTW pink and grey hair
    • BTW pink and grey hair w/ black roots and fox highlights
    • electro-orange/tangerine/super-fox/ginger (who gave the previous wig an evolutionary stone)
    • teal with blonde tips (a one time deal!)
    • electro-gingerangine/fox w/ rainbow highlights (still kinda rare!)
    • blonde (wow, this was used for a while huh)
    • slightly-darker-than-BTW-pink pink hair ('tub hair'/'HB hair', Florida make up your mind)
    • super-Gamma radiation neon green hair w/ heavy black/brown roots (was to be the final wig, I assume... now it is?)

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Sooooo, which one's your favorite? You don't even have to like the tour wigs in general, just which one you liked the most haha.

Initially, I actually didn't think the wigs would vary this much, at least not as much as MB.


1. the short bang, grey and pink pigtails (the 'banshee tails')


2. long, BTW pink hair with grey roots


3. long, BTW pink hair and fox/ginger, with grey and black roots


4. Long, electro-orange/fox blonde hair (with or without the little pink root she added later?)


5. the super-rare long teal hair! With blonde tips


6. Long, electro-orange/fox blonde/ginger (TANGERINE!?!?) hair with rainbow highlights


7. Long, blonde hair


8. Long, BR tub hair/shrimp hair/Harper's Bazaar BTW hair/pink hair


9. Long, glow-in-the-dark Gamma Ray green hair with heavy black/brown roots



I know there were a bunch of variations in between each of these, so if your favorite is a variation post that also. Yay.

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the first one was the best but she's had so many now that they're barely memorable/even matter

She should have kept the first one :sad: I still see that now as the signature look, though I like the other ones.

3 points in and ready for more
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She's had too many for it to matter. The yellow hair is iconic.

For NA, she needs to have one color, and get rid of that ugly ****ing square bump ****

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