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Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa accused of copying Dream Wife's music video


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They should be proud that Miley honored that movie. I didn't even know that it exists 

https://www.instagram.com/p/CHz6ftyL92x/ dreamwife : "Thought the new Miley vid looked familiar... those pearly white LA teeth needs some grit tho. rofl."  

This doesn’t seem like an accident they probably referenced it on purpose. 

2 hours ago, Regina George said:

Why make a big deal out of them sampling 2 seconds of some song when it's done by every single artist including Gaga herself (even on her latest album)? I'm honestly curious because I see people being so outraged by them sampling a song. 

Just few shameless examples that basically copied whole songs and called it a sample:

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I’m not making a huge deal omg I love Physical so I’m happy they sampled it :heart:

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Regina George
13 minutes ago, Adarsh said:

I’m not making a huge deal omg I love Physical so I’m happy they sampled it :heart:

I'm sorry in that case! I noticed a lot of people dragging them because they used that sample so I thought it's a nod to that..:heart:

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54 minutes ago, BornAsUnic0rn said:

exactly, you can’t praise Gaga for her references when you call it copying with others. 

Its different because Gaga Directly referenced movie and director said that film was an inspiration


While They did not ackknowledge that video so far and seems like creator of that is outraged which is way different thing 


Stop coming for Gaga for no reason 

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Karen Smith
5 minutes ago, JustTea said:

And they copied this song:


No, they used a sample. So if Gaga used sample from Whitney Houston to Replay, then does it mean she copied it? 

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3 hours ago, Little99 said:

This is work stealing? She just recreated some moment and for me it doesn't mean she stole that. Maybe I'm wrong but this is something like 911 and the color of pomegranates. 

But in the 911 video the movie was not only referenced but the poster of it was in the actual final act. 

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28 minutes ago, Little99 said:


The references Gaga used from TCOP (and all other films referenced in the video) aren’t identical enough to consider them stolen, its obviously reinterpreted and credit is given where its due. Its a well referenced piece of art. The Miley and Dua video seems to have found a cool idea in a lesser known artist’s video and copied it without acknowledging or citing, let along giving any sort of visual credit. Also there is a difference between referencing well known works that people can pick up on (ie. 911) and referencing lesser known works WITHOUT giving any sort of indication that it was an inspiration. 

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There were teeth in Miley and Dua's video?

Edit: Ok now I saw the teeth that was in Miley's video for 5 seconds tops. 

As for Miley's hair and outfit, everyone dressed like that in the 80's Pat Benetar, Joan Jett.


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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.
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I thought it was the whole point of it, seems pretty obvious lol. The whole Plastic Hearts persona seems like she's honoring the 80's, Debbie Harry, etc. Of course most of Miley's fans are in their early 20's and have no idea about this culture and they will see it as something new.

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