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https://marina.lnk.to/MansWorld Lyrics:

Can we have a MARINA banner instead of that song no one really wants to listen to? 

She had also literally told the public that she had a difficult time writing music after FROOT; she took a major break for that reason. She then depended on a variety of writers/producers like Clean B

OMG aren't you all tired to always talk about L+F?! For people hating the record you sure as hell spend a lot of time talking about it :saladga:

Back to topic, who else preordered the vinyl? Only 3000 copies ladies :whitney:

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6 minutes ago, A R T P O P said:

What's L+F? Marina hasn't released anything since 2015 

Love + Fear Album


**oh no was this a whoooosh over my head joke? :deadbanana:

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I'm dumb
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